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Human Rights Violations: The Lord's Resistance Army

No description

Michelle Cummings

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of Human Rights Violations: The Lord's Resistance Army

The Lord's Resistance Army Michelle and Brooke Who is Kony? The leader of the LRA Africa's most wanted fugitive became the leader in 1986 indicted by the International Criminal Court in 2005, charged on 33 counts, including 12 of crimes against humanity estimated to have up to 100 wives
and over 50 children He wants... He believes... he can hear spirits
he is a good Christian
he is a "spokesperson" of God The Ugandan government to be overthrown...
and to be ruled by the Ten Commandments He is... A MONSTER What does the LRA do? launches terrible
attacks on villages kills the weak and disfigures
others to serve as a warning takes innocent children captive as slaves
to be used as soldiers, porters, cooks,
or sex slaves often makes the captive children murder
or rape family members so they cannot
return home children who try to escape are
murdered or tortured The LRA before Kony... The LRA began in the 1980's
by Alice Lakwena. It was
called the Holy Spirit Movement.
Lakwena claimed the Ugandan
government was treating people
unfairly and the Holy Spirit
gave her orders to overthrow them.
She gained support because of
growing resentment of the government. Later, she was exiled
when the government won a battle.
Kony claims to be her cousin. How many people have
been affected? 1987-2006: at least 20,000 Ugandan children were abducted 1.9 million people were displaced from their homes ... and placed into camps tens of thousands of Ugandan people
have been murdered Almost the entire population of
Acholiland was moved This line graph shows how
long it takes to escape the LRA
depending on your age... The
United Nations
is tracking
the LRA Occasionally, they hold meetings
to discuss plans and
strategies to stop the LRA
and go on peace keeping missions. A viral video started the
Kony 2012 campaign The fastest growing viral
video of all time made
Kony famous Up to seven million people made pledges
to support the battle against Kony. United States'
to stop Kony President Obama passed the LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act in May of 2010. The act calls on the US government to generate a in-depth approach to protect innocent civilians and to work with the governments in central Africa to “apprehend or otherwise remove from the battlefield” the leaders of the LRA. The US has provided more support than
any other government European
Efforts The EU contributed humanitarian assistance to communities affected by the LRA The EU is lending financial help to the African Union secretariat for its LRA initiative African
Efforts Plans are being made to unite the current military operations into an AU effort. It will consist of a Regional Intervention Force (RIF) made of 5,000 soldiers from all of the regional armies presently fighting the LRA and with Uganda as the “lead nation.” Actions of the
Criminal Court In July 2004, The prosecutor of the ICC started to investigate alleged LRA crimes. The investigation was requested by President Museveni. The ICC sent out sealed arrest warrants for the LRA’s then-top five leaders in July 2005 for crimes against humanity and war crimes. They were Joseph Kony, Vincent Otti, Okot Odhiambo, Raska Lukwiya, and Dominic Ongwen. Two of these men have been killed since on orders from Kony. Why has Kony
not been stopped? evaded capture for 25 years LRA soldiers are well-trained and very disciplined The LRA runs across a large and very remote area with poor infrastructure In 2008, peace agreements were negotiated in South Sudan. Kony continually failed to
sign them. Many other peace agreements have been made but Kony fails to show up. In 2006, the United Nations Peacekeeping force in the Congo sent out Guatemalan special forces to seize one of Kony’s deputies named Vincent Otti. The attept was failed and eight Guatemalan
peacekeepers were killed. The serious loss deterred the UN peacekeepers from other operations against the LRA. The
Today The LRA continues to
terrorize Uganda and
surrounding countries. The majority of displaced people have returned to their homes with little government assistance. This includes
over 80 percent of the population of the camps. It is believed that Joseph Kony
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