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Evolutionary Psychology: Understanding Human Nature

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Edward Brodeanu

on 21 January 2011

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Transcript of Evolutionary Psychology: Understanding Human Nature

Evolutionary Psychology:
Understanding Human Nature The study of the evolution of behavior and the mind,
using natural selection Natural Selection
And its common misconceptions: The strong will survive The weak shall perish Natural Selection: Traits that help a generation survive and reproduce an a certain environment Organisms' varied offspring compete for survival Certain biological and behavioral variations increase their reproductive and survival chances in their environment Offspring that survive are more likely to pass their genes to ensuing generations Overtime, popular charateristics may change Mutations:
Random errors in gene replication Fitness:
our ability to survive and reproduce Adaptations:
The evolutionary process whereby a population becomes better suited to its habitat Human Sexuality and Preferance Arguments against Natural Selection and Evolution Many religions are principally against the theory , as it goes against their beliefs It is also common in modern philosophy to believe that Natural Selection is no larger prevalent Modern medicine and society allows people to live regardless of whether they in nature, this often ties into elithism Many people disagree at the principal of Nature vs. Nurture What Gender thinks about sex more? Gender differences in additudes extend to differences in behavior. Gay male couples report having sex more often then lesbian couples Casual, and impulsive, sex is most frequent among males with traditional masculine attidtudes As biologist use natural selectionto explain the mating behaviors of many species, so evolutionary psychologist use natural selection to explain worldwide human sexuality difference While a women usually incubates and nurses one infant at a time, a male can spread his genes through other females. In our ancestrial history, women most often sent their genes into the future by pairing wisely, and men by pairing wildly
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