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William and Mary

No description

Fat kayoughtdungsuy

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of William and Mary

Step 1
Contact address, phone number, email & website address
contact address:
what do students do on campus for fun (student life)
Yule Log Ceremony, takes place each December during finals. Students throw a sprig of holly into a fire for good luck.
540 Landrum Dr, Williams burg, VA 23185
Number of students
The Percentage of male
and female
William small physical laboratory
available scholarships
The official start of the academic year and a chance for the entire W&M community—students, faculty and staff—to welcome the incoming class. After listening to a convocation speaker, the president of the College leads the new students through the Wren portico to the wild cheers and warm handshakes of the crowd. After wards, everyone digs into a delicious picnic dinner with live music.
a rhetorical royal rumble between faculty members representing different academic disciplines at the College. Here’s the set-up: four survivors of a shipwreck are stranded on a deserted island with only one tiny raft. Each must convince the audience that he or she is the most worthy person to sail back to civilization. What follows are wildly theatrical appeals by otherwise normal professors and lots of semi-civil name-calling. The audience picks the winner by the volume of its applause.
Raft debate
Happy Birthday William & Mary." Charter Day brings speakers of note, the distribution of honorary degrees and many prestigious awards to students, faculty and alumni, and (in recent years) a Charter Day Concert.
charter day
On the last day of classes in the spring, there are official and unofficial traditions galore. As each senior finishes his or her final class at the College, they’re invited to ring the ceremonial Wren bell. The cheerful echo of the bell can be heard all day long as seniors line up with their friends and hall mates for this unforgettable moment. Then W&M throws a huge party with food and games in the Sunken Garden. The last day of classes is celebrated with live bands, free tacos and late-night pancakes.
The whole W&M student body celebrates the end of the academic year with a huge formal party called the King and Queen Ball. Held under the stars in the Sunken Garden, the celebration includes food, live music and dancing late into the night. The party is capped off by a toast from the president of the College and a rousing chorus of the alma mater.
King & queen ball
The night before graduation, all the seniors flock to the Wren Yard for a magical candle-lighting ceremony. Tradition holds that the seniors select three speakers – one faculty member, one administrator and one fellow student – each of whom has had a close relationship with the class during their years at William & Mary. The atmosphere is fun and nostalgic, culminating in the illumination of the Wren Yard as light from a Wren Candle is passed from classmate to classmate. And, of course, with candles aloft, we sing the Alma mater Then it’s time for William & Mary’s unique Commencement, which completes the symbolic circle begun by the opening convocation ceremony. Four years after they emerged from the Wren portico to the cheers of their classmates, the seniors now return in the opposite direction, passing back through the portico dressed in their full graduation regalia. From there, they continue their “Senior Walk Across Campus” to William & Mary Hall, where commencement ceremonies are held.
Candlelight Ceremony & Commencement
Last Day of Classes (LDOC)
yule log
and traditions
Famous graduates
Thomas Jefferson
James Monroe
John Tyler
cool facts
First college to confer medallic prizes, gold medals donated by Lord Botetourt (1771)
First college to teach Political Economy (1784)
First college in the U.S. to have a full faculty, consisting of a president, six professors, usher and writing master (1729)
(I was to lazy but there are lots more just go check wiki if you are interested or something)
basketball, field, hockey, gymnastics, soccer, tennis, volleyball, cross country, golf, lacrosse, swimming, track and field
baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, tennis, cross country, football, gymnastics, swimming, track and field
Around 8,200
Which is 7,706 more than the average for all Colleges and Universities
Is William and Mary public or private
William and Mary is actually public
James Monroe scholars program
1693 scholars program
sharpe community scholars program
there are also lots of athletic scholarships as well
website address:
sunken gardens
accounting,Africana studies,american studies,anthropology,
art, studio,art history,
asian and middle eastern studies,biology,chemistry,chinese language and culture,classical archeology,classical civilization,computer science,economics,economics (st Andrews joint degree),English,English (st Andrews joint degree),european studies,film studies,finance,french and francophone studies,gender,sexuality, and women's studies,geology,geology,environmental,german,global studies,government,greek,health,health sciences,hispanic studies,history,history (st Andrews joint degree,international relations,international relations (st Andrews joint degree),kinesiology & health sciences,Latin,Latin american studies,linguistics,literary and cultural studies,marketing,mathematics, applied,mathematics, standard,mathematics, pre-college teaching,medieval and renaissance studies,music,neuroscience,philosophy,physics,physics, medical track,process management and consulting,psychology,public policy,religious studies,Russian and post-sovie studies,self-designed,sociology,theater
Majors to choose from
(there were a couple more but I'm not gonna do anymore)
jimmye laycock football center
I was researching and i found this and thought it was pretty neat so i added it in here
that says copy right...
Fact#1:William and Mary is around 1,200 acres
Fact#4:William and Mary was a public institution found in 1693
48.8% of all the classes have fewer than 20 students

42.2% of all classes have 20-49 students

8.9% of all classes have 50 or more students
6,171 undergraduates
1925 graduates
tuition fees and
other costs

Biology, Business Administration, English, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, Political Science, Psychology
u did it
Students per class average
William and Mary
actual picture of candle light ceremony and commencement
real pics of William and Mary's famous statues
Percentage of acceptance at
William and Mary

Only a third of students applying to the College of William & Mary will get in. This top-ranked public university isn't for students with weak academic records. As the data show, the majority of students who got accepted had an "A" average, an SAT score above 1900, and an ACT composite score of 28 or higher. Chances of getting in improve as those numbers go up.
After 50 years they finally renewed the william small physical laboratory is what people call it now it has 22,000 square feet of lab space in a new wing and renovated 68,000 square feet in the existing space in the old small hall
Tuition and Fees: $13,570 (in-state)
$37,344 (out-of-state)
Books: $1,200
Room and Board: $9,318
Other Expenses: $1,850
Total Cost: $25,938 (in-state)
$49,712 (out-of-state)
Fact#2:William and Mary have a 17.6 tesla magnet that is one of the most powerful of its kind in the country
Fact#3:The new school of education building on William and Mary's 1200 acre property was completed in may 2010 and is 113,000 square-feet.It is located on a 22-acre lot adjacent to campus
Fact#5:William and Mary made a science center that cost 54.3 million dollars
Science center
Fact#6:This is the miller hall
Fact#7:W&M renewed lake Matoaka in 2007 for 7.5mil dollars
Fact#8: W&M is the oldest law school in the country
Fact#9: The college of William and Mary renewed there library which is called the wolf law library
Fact#10:W&M have a 518-space parking deck that was open in June 2006
Fact#11:W&M made a recreation center in 2006
I believe I can fly
Fact#12:College of William and Mary was rated 4.8 stars
colors of this school
fact#13:William and Mary is the second oldest college in the country because it's the second oldest one in America also
Flat Hat Club
Formed in 1750 at Virginia's William and Mary college.It is the nation's first secret society "flat hat club" the name came from a group of outsiders likely because of mortarboard caps they wore (caps that we now actually wear at graduations)
The college of William and Mary was found on February 8 1693 under a royal charter. This was named in honor for the reigning monarchs which were King William III and Queen Mary II this college is the 2ND oldest college in America. There are nine colonial colleges in Virginia the college of William and Mary was one of them.
all of these are logos
(not jk)
- Albert Einstien
History of George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson enrolled in the College of William & Mary on March 25, 1760, at the age of sixteen.
George Washington
Jefferson's course of study at the College lasted for two years, and he then went on to read law for the next five years under George Wythe
fact#14:The college of William and Mary is actually a university
2013 donors
Jame Blair society
Royal Charter Society
Wren Society
Chancellor's Society
Green & Gold Society
Fourth Century Society
Robert Boyle legacy society
Bell Society
phone number:(757) 221-1001
George Washington
William and Mary campus map
William and Mary campus map
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