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No description

Jamie Bruce

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Texture

• Texture refers to the characteristics of a surface
• Texture is how things feel (tactile) or how things might feel by looking at them (visual)

Imagine that you don't know how any of the next six items feel...
How you imagine a surface or substance to feel when you look at it or how it actually does feel when you touch it.
My definition

From common knowledge you'd
know that bark is very course
and rough. If you have never felt
bark then indicators of the two
traits would be the fact that
it is very cracked and wrinkly (deep creases).
Another texture would be soft.
The feathers on an owl are quite
soft, you can tell he is soft by
looking near his feet, where the
feathers are ruffled.
The texture represented in this photo would be smooth. There are no major dents or cracks on the surfaces of the rocks. There are no hard edges either, they are pretty rounded,
You can tell by looking that this branch is spiky...because of the thorns, their pointy ends.
The texture here would be soft and fluffy. You can tell buy looking at the single strands at the edges of broken off bits.
This picture is an example of a bumpy texture. On top of each brick are little raised dots. There are also the gaps in between each brick. When objects run over them they fall into the gaps, which gives the bumpy feeling.
By looking at the picture alone you'd be able to tell that ice cubes are wet and slippery by the glossy look they have. The sides are shinny and even though they are cubed they still do look some what lumpy.
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