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No description

Leslie Vanderburg

on 15 November 2010

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Transcript of photoshop

Introduction Layered graphic editing program At first glace...seems confusing ?#? With a little help, you can also become a Photoshop guru Photoshop Tutorial/Workshop New Document Let's fire up Photoshop Workspace Toolbar layers/Effects File --> New --> Blank File Give it a Name 400 400 Workspace layer you are working on Paint Brush Tool Use your mouse to draw a happy face 1. 2. 3. 4. It shows up as a layer Text Tool 1. 2. Text Options 3. Click and type 4. shows as a text layer Move Tool 1. 2. Move your mouse into the selected region and move 3.
Moved text Layer Effects 1. 2. Resizing 3. Image--> Resize 1. Enter the amount to increase - negative number to decrease 2. New size shows Rotating 1. select layer 2. 3. Saving apply changes Save early
Save often
Save in more than one place Opening Image File--> Open 1. Documents
Gallery_002 1. 2. 3. Styles Select a location to which you are going to place yourself in. Let's take your picture Open your picture in Photoshop
Resize it as necessary Use handles to resize use handles to rotate Magic Wand 1. 2. Click a color
Press "DELETE: to delete 3. Click on the eye to make it invisible Keep going until all unwanted colors are gone 4. or use ...
Magnetic Lasso Used to quickly select objects with complex edges set against high-contrast backgrounds. Drag along the edge while pressing the mouse button.
The selection border snaps to the edge in the photo. If the border doesn’t snap to the desired edge, click once to add a point manually; then continue tracing the border and clicking points as needed. If you make a mistake, press the Delete key to erase points along the border.
Double-click to close the selection copy your selection go back to originsl picture Edit--> Paste
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