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No description

Jing SUN

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of WeChat

A proposal for WeChat
The Popularization and Localization of WeChat in HongKong
What is WeChat
Management AND Strategy
Economics Perspective
Features of WeChat
WeChat in Hong Kong
Direction of Management
To be the leading communication app in HK
To supply quality service to smart phone users
Key Initiatives
Develop dedicated cloud service of WeChat to attract new customer-base.
SWOT Analysis
Organzational management
The demand for Instant Messenger
Innovation and development of information technologies, it flattens the world and enables people to communicate in a faster and closer way;
Traditional electronic telecommunication cannot satisfy people’s need;
Hong Kong is a world-class metropolis which has advanced information technologies, and huge demand for instant messenger;
The supply for Instant Messenger
Many Instant Messenger service providers in the world, functions are very similar;
WeChat are very popular in mainland China, but not the case in Hong Kong;
In Hong Kong, people can choose various Instant Messengers depends on their preference;
The market Structure
It is an oligopoly market;
Few sellers, providing homogeneous products;
Most of the Instant Messengers are developed by the existing big companies;
Financial Perspective
Amount of the Investment
Developing cost
Implanting other applications
Cooperating with telecom operators
Roadshow and promotion
Maintenance and upgrading
Source of Income
WeChat is a good platform to advertise on a large user base.
Having a huge amount of loyalty customers always benefits and insures a company’s income.
Pay Back Period
we allocate nearly 10 million HK dollars on the investment. The income will increase gradually. So the paying back period under these assumptions is around 2 years.
Marketing Perspective
Marketing Process
we should make a survey to explore the real reason
The investigation results show that WeChat only applied to the minority of HK natives
Marketing Mix
From customer’s point of view, we analyze the marketing mix with the marketing theory of 4Cs. They are Customer solution, Customer cost, Convenience and Communication.
About online marketing, we choose the business to customer (B2C) business model.
we design an official website for WeChat,
Operations Management Perspective
Positioning of Product
Compare with WhatsApp
Mainland background
Speech censorship
Different cultural habit
The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Model
Dogs : Normal masses and elders users
Question Marks : Parents
Stars : Businessmen and students
Cash Cows : Tourist users
Product Lifecycle
Introduction : website, advertisement, Cooperate
Growth : suitable for Hong Kong people's habits
Maturity : Looking for new propaganda mode
Decline : Reduce spending in promotional campaigns
Process management
Technical support
This is a brand-new WeChat with WeCloud
WeChat will have an alliance with CSL
A long-term process to have a development in Hong Kong
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