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Bob Marley

No description

Brecht Jacobs

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Bob Marley

Nesta Robert Marley Bob Marley General Personal Life Born: 6 February 1945
Place of birth: Nine Mile, Saint Ann, Jamaica
Died: 11 May 1981 (aged 36) Miami, Florida, U.S.

Instruments: Vocals, guitar, piano, saxophone, harmonica, percussion, horn

Genres: Reggae, ska, rocksteady Early life and career Afterward "The Wailers" politically motivated aka. Tuff Gong Norval Sinclair Marley Cedella Booker Nesta Robert Marley Nine Mile Trench Town Marley, Livingstone (Bunny), Higgs, Mcintosch (Tosh) The teenagers - Marley left Jamaica at the end of 1976
- After a month-long "recovery and writing" in Bahamas, he arrived in England, self-imposed exile
- Exodus: British album charts for 56 consecutive weeks, included four UK hit singles
- Arrested for possession of a small quantity of cannabis. The wailers Marley, Bunny, Tosh, Braithwait, Kelso, Smith Core trio: Marley, Bunny, Tosh Island Records Chris Blackwell Family Religion Awards and Honors Jimmy Cliff Bob Marley Succes Catch a fire Bob Marley and The Wailers - Catch a fire, '73: 14000 sold units, positive critical reception - Burnin: "Get up, stand up", "I shot the sherrif" Bob Marley had 11 children with 8 different women
Makeda actually his 12th child, was born on 30 May 1981, to Yvette Crichton, after Marley's death
The most known is Damien, who has his own reggae career Eric Clapton: cover track Huge American hit Marley international profile raise •1999: Album of the Century for Exodus by Time Magazine.
•February 2001: A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
•February 2001: Awarded Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.
•"One Love" named song of the millennium by BBC. Assasination Attempt final years and death Marley, his wife and his manager were wounded in an assault by unknown gunmen Marley did perform! "The people who are trying to make this world worse aren't taking a day off. How can I?" - 1977, Marley was found to have a type of melanoma under his toenail, a symptom of the already existing cancer
- Turned down doctors' advice continued touring + world tour in 1980.
- The final concert: 23 September 1980
- Shortly after he became very ill Tour: cancelled
- After eight months he left home to Jamaica.
Marley's vital functions worsened: He died at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Miami on the morning of 11 May 1981, at the age of 36.
- The spread of melanoma caused his death
- Buried in a chapel near his birthplace with his red Gibson Les Paul. His voice was an omnipresent cry in our electronic world. Such a man cannot be erased from the mind. He is part of the collective consciousness of the nation. Jamaican Prime minister at funeral Rastafari, a movement which believes God represents himself in the 'holy' Selassie, emperor of Ethiopia

Main doctrines: Jah (God) , cannabis use Facts Marley was employed as a waiter, assembly line worker, fork lift operator, and lab assistant before finally hitting it big.

Even though he died in 1981, Marley still sells more albums each year than any other Reggae artist.

Bob is the 3th bestselling dead artist with approximately $35mil. , only Michael Jackson ( * 255mil.) and Elvis Presley ( * 60mil.) do better. The breakup '74 Wailers breakup: -Tosh and Wailer Own solo career - Discussions concerning performances
- Tosh and Wailer preferring solo work
-.... - Marley Continues performing with a band under the name: Bob Marley & the wailers Different theories:
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