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Industrial Revolution

No description

Kimberly Cauble

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution
"Necessity is the Mother of Invention."
New inventions like the telegraph and telephone improved methods of communication.
New inventions like the Transcontinental Railroad and the automobile helped make transportation easier and quicker.
New inventions and methods of mass production made production quicker and easier, which ended up affecting the number of hours people could work, how much they could produce, the working conditions in factories, and the development of businesses.
...and that helped industries be able to ship needed raw materials to places of production, as well as shipping out newly manufactured goods. People could also travel farther distances!
Did You Know?
The Industrial Revolution also caused a shift in the type of work people did, changing it from an agrarian (agricultural/farming) economy to an industrial economy!
A MOTHER gives birth to something...
An INVENTION is something created by a new idea...
Businesses became based on the production of manufactured goods, which required raw materials, workers (labor), capital equipment, and new ideas (technologies).
In your Social Studies notebook, write a paragraph telling what the Industrial Revolution is.
"Industrial" means something related to the business of "industry," including machines and factories.
A "revolution" is a drastic change. It doesn't have to be a VIOLENT revolution, though!
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