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Research never stops…

No description

Juliana Chung

on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of Research never stops…

systematic investigation
into and study of materials, sources, etc, in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. b) an endeavour to
discover new or collate old facts
etc by the scientific study of a subject or by a course of critical investigation.
[Oxford Concise Dictionary]
What is Research?
Weekly Infectious Disease Statistics
Data Collection; a fundamental step in all research
Why Research never stops?
Do You Agree?
Research never stops…
Medical Research
Research is the cornerstone on which all of the best medical schools have built their reputations
Diseases E.g H5N1, Ebola
Drug and vaccines discovery
Efficacy of drugs and vaccines
The Ministry focuses on
scientific and health research
with the aim of driving the
translation of basic research
to advance human healthcare, and to increase the translational and
clinical research capabilities
of public hospitals,
research institutions
medical researchers.
Thirty years ago around this time of the year, scientists announced that the probable cause of AIDS had been found.
Research takes time
One criticism of research is it is often inconclusive
However, if things are so simple and direct, there would not be a need for research!

Evolution of Medical Technology
Development of Material Science

Search for the smallest particle
Research should never stop because our knowledge is vastly imperfect.
It is likened to a torchlight searching in a dark pitch black room where the more we search, the more we realise how little we actually know of the universe.
Research stops when one loses the curiosity, the thirst for knowledge and the hunger for discovery
When Research Stops..
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