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Six Second Satires: They are Really Vine

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on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Six Second Satires: They are Really Vine

While Vine may be perceived as a channel for people to "act ridiculous and perform dangerous stunts," similar to the series
, that is not true as Vine is becoming a new medium for good satire. Through strategies comparable to Jon Stewart's on
The Daily Show
such as imitation, brevity, and sarcasm, Vine has provided more and new techniques like the loop effect and stop motion for the public to participate in social media democracy to create any type of satire, anywhere, and anytime.
Social Media Strengthens the Democratic Process (by Jane Susskind)
Democracy works best when the most people participate
Impersonation Satire
Alpha Cat
Vine is an application on smartphones that allows anyone to make short six second videos
It encourages short attention span
Vine is sending a message on how satire is changing

Vine's impact is great, but its potential is so much greater as it holds so much cultural value
Vine is not just a fad; it is a CHANGE in the world and social media
It is similar to Twitter and Instagram, except it is six second video that provides a loop effect and stop motion
Created by Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll
Whether a vine is about a current event in the news or about your grandmother dancing, it is a new satire outlet and allows anyone to make fun of anything
Entertaining Politics: Satiric Television and Political Engagement (by Jeffery P. Jones)
Alpha Cat became famous on YouTube with his parodies, but then moved to Vine and became very popular
He is now "Vine-famous" and impersonates and satirizes Obama
Alpha Cat does not critique Obama necessarily, but he satirizes how Obama acts as his mixes a lot of racial satire with in his Vines. He is also not the only impersonator on Vine.
Alpha Cat is an Obama supporter, however his videos are attacking the people who are against Obama

He does this by showing the ridiculous things anti-Obama people accuse Obama of doing
Criticizing the people who said that Obama was for the government shutdown because he wanted a day off
Alpha Cat is critiquing the people who think Obama is lying about the need for more surveillance for protection while really he is spying on people
Song called "I ain't worried bout nothing" and Alpha Cat uses this to make Obama seem "ghetto" because he is black and that is the stereotype. Here is he portraying what people against Obama think; because Obama always promises he isn't worried even though the world might be falling apart.
to answer in this paper
Is Vine only comedy and critique?
Are we reliant on only a few people like Jon Stewart for satire, or should we all be able to participate?
How is it much different than YouTube? Is it any better?
How isn't Vine the same thing as the series
Is Vine just a fad, or is it altering social media?
"With the acceleration of technology and increased access to information, however, it has been found that social media sparks democracy."
"As a result of technology, participation in the political process is accessible and direct engagement is feasible."
"...democratization of access. That you don’t need the same establishment infrastructure to get the same message out that you used to. We think back to the 1980 Republican Primary and that moment when Ronald Reagan took the microphone and said ‘I paid for that microphone.’ Anyone can have a microphone now and that microphone is free.”
ARGUMENT: Flash Mobs Revisited: Public Threat or Democratic Freedom (by Jonathan Anderson)
Like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc,
flash mobs
are a great example of social democracy
"...protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution."
Flash mobs advocate for social democracy like Vine does
Flash mobs are "groups of people who congregate in public spaces to carry out incongruous acts and leave after a brief period of time."
This article argues that flash mobs and other instruments of social media democracy are "the newest threat to local governments"
Argues that they are dangerous and can sway decisions of society and cause rebellion
Counter Argument
Satire and Racial Stereotypes as Defined in Six Seconds (by Johansen Quijano)
"Vine playfully criticizes some social vice through gentle, mild and light hearted humor. It directs wit, exaggeration,and self-deprecating humor toward what it identifies as folly, rather than evil.
Vine deals with many different types of satire, one of the most prevalent is racial satire (reveals and playfully pokes fun at all stereotypes)
Vine is an example of
horatian satire
"Vine is not making fun of "black people and white people who act like this". It is, instead, making fun of the idea that "black people and white people act like this".
Though some people on Vine may post
random things, Vine is just proving like
Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that
ANYONE has the opportunity to have their
voice heard
Deleuze and Guattari: The Rhizome Concept ("Becoming Animal")
Anyone who has a smartphone can sign up for Vine and satirize the things Jon Stewart does and satirize things he is not able to satirize
Being a Jackass
(by Steve Pratt)
Vine is like Jackass, but Jackass is not like Vine
Jon Stewart is restricted: only has his show weekly, he cannot say every single word or thing because it could cause problems

On Vine, there are barely any restrictions and
it is on the go as it can be used "anywhere and anytime"
Jon Stewart is focused on politics, yet there is so much more to be satirized
Techniques Jon Stewart utilizes have made him successful and these techniques are used on Vine which has made it so successful. Examples are:
Interviews with guests
Story telling techniques
Up close and personal
Creating mash ups
Short skits to satirize the way people act
Use of rhetorical techniques (sarcasm, jokes, play on words, cursing)
Vine may not provide true information, but viewers can see many sides of things and interpret them differently
Repeats himself (it is comparable to loop effect on Vine)
Uses news background to set the scene (people on vine use different backgrounds to set the scene and make it more believable)
Vine and Marketing to Our Short Attention Span

"Short is in demand. A normal ad is 15 seconds, yet Vine takes “short” to another level. Six seconds. You may be wondering how you could possibly get any sort of message across in six seconds, yet you would be surprised."
"Short doesn't always mean a loss of quality. "The limitations of six seconds can actually lift the storytelling."
The six second restriction forces users of Vine to be satirical
"Six seconds inspires creativity, focus, and cleverness. It can be informative, amusing, entertaining and/or inspiring. Each post can connect with the audience in some way, emotionally or intellectually."
Shorter clips actually capture more attention and maximize interaction
"Facebook in Six Seconds"
"I did not have time to write you a short letter, so I wrote you a long one instead.” - Mark Twain. The same seems to be true of Vine videos – creating a 6 second masterpiece will take much longer than 6 seconds.

Adding onto the House that YouTube Built
Discuss origins of YouTube and compare it to Vine. YouTube changed everything and Vine and building on that and impacting so much more
Vine Star Marcus Johns On How He Amassed His 2.8 Million Followers
It is about Vine famous Marcus Johns and his views on the potential of Vine. He has only showed 20 minutes of himself to the world and he has impacted so many people
Famous "Viners" get together and host "Super Vines" which all of their fans get to meet and participate in Vines with the Vine famous people, which is very similar to flash mobs

It’s Time For You to Get Vine
Interview with Nicholas Megalis, a famous Viner who almost has 3 million followers, in which he explains what Vine means to him and how it has changed people and why people should use it.
Ellen Degeneres interview with famous Viner Jerome Jarre
Ellen sent Jerome Jarre (a famous Viner) to make satirical Vines and then she had him on her show to talk about what he attacks and why he uses Vine
It can cover so many topics that other satire outlets cannot
How is six seconds better than something longer?
Could possibly not have enough sources/information for 12-15 pages about Vine and it's potential, connections, etc.
Not enough information particularly on Jon Stewart-could potentially use Colbert's techniques if they are similar, etc
How to split my paragraphs up, because many of my ideas overlap
Looking for article about importance of context
“Wrecking Ball” vine, which got hundreds and thousands of likes, had a man swinging on a ball and licking a hammer. The context for this, which viewers had to have known from before, is about Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball video, which it was mocking.
"Jackass performers are either brave, stupid or mad. They do the sort of things that children talk about in the school playground, but usually grow out of it. The sights in the movie include a baby alligator chewing on a man's nipple, off-road tattooing, and someone using the toilet on display in a hardware store."
Users on Vine sometimes do crazy things like they do in Jackass, but the performers in Jackass never do things people do in Vines (satire, critiquing)
People use the hash tag, #DoItForTheVine, in which they do crazy things for Vine as people in
do crazy things for
However the things people do for Vine are not even comparable to the horrible and insane things people do in
"It's a primal form of comedy. Everyone likes to see people fall down," says Knoxville. And Steve-O adds: "Everyone turns their head to look at accidents, and we create accidents."

"It is reducible to neither the One or the multiple. It is not the One that becomes Two or even directly three, four, five etc. It is not a multiple derived from the one, or to which one is added (n+1)."
The rhizome links a point to any other point and its characteristic are not always linked to traits of the same nature. Instead, it brings into play very different regimes of signs. It is an image of thought.

"The rhizome pertains to a map that must be produced, constructed, a map that is always detatchable, connectable, reversable, modifiable,, and has multiple entranceways and exits on its own"
The Deleuze and Guattari "Rhizome concept" is a different way of understanding life/a model for society and it can be connected to how Vine functions
"When a multiplicity of this kind changes dimension, it necessairly changes in nature as well, undergoes a metamorphisis. Unlike a structure, which is defined by a set of points and positions, the rhizome is made only of lines."
It is comprised not of units but of dimensions, or rather directions in motion. It has neither beginning nor end, but always a middle from which it grows and which it overspills.
Vine is a platform that links vines to other vines and each vine to a specific topic
There is not only One specific vine. There are many multiples of similar vines and vines can come from other vines
Vines change a lot. New things are created and done everyday, and vines morph around the changes in society
So many people are on Vine, and so many vines are made each day, that the Vine becomes flooded with so many types of vine videos. Vine videos are important not by each one, but as a whole.
Vines are connected. People need to produce these videos so they can connect with others as there are a variety of topics. There is a lot of potential for Vine and it is serving as a new form of satire that has opened up and closed many doors.
Need to make sure I connect things and not just say yes/no/why
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