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How To Restring A Guitar

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Kyler Brinker

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of How To Restring A Guitar

First, loosen the strings from the tuning pegs at the head of the guitar. To do this, simply turn the tuners towards the bridge of the guitar Second, after you have loosened the string, gently cut them with a wire cutters and remove them from the bridge. Next, open up your pack of new strings and begin to insert them back into the bridge As you begin to wrap the string, wrap the string once over. This will help help lock the string in as later you will move the string under to create a double wrap, which is stronger. Once you have inserted the string through the bridge, bring the string back up towards the tuning peg. Now you can begin wrapping the string, hold the string firmly with your right hand to keep tension on it and turn the tuner towards the bridge with your left hand. Now, when you put the string through the tuning peg (about a quarter of an inch), make sure the tuning peg has already been turned to a 45 degree angle, this will make the string wrap around the peg tighter and smoother. It should look like this: Once you string is up at the tuning pegs, you will notice it looks excessively long. You will need to cut the string. Now when you do this be careful. For your bass strings, (strings 4, 5, and 6; D, A, and E) you will need to cut the string 1 and a half posts longer than the post it will be going into. This is where you would cut the low E, string 6. (1 and a half posts past where it is going in) For your high strings, (strings 6, 5, and 4; E, B, and G) you will need to cut the strings 2 posts longer than the post it will be going in. This is because these strings are more likely to break, so they need more wraps to be stronger. You would cut the high E right here, at the headstock, approx. 2 posts past Keep wrapping the string, remembering to keep tension on it, until is in tune. Congrats! Now you have learned how to successfully string a guitar! Now you can Rock and Roll All Nite and Party Every Day! Or Call out Dr. Love! In case you're still questioning how to restring a guitar, here's an excellent video that you can watch. It's not exactly the way I do it, but it'll work just as well!
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