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10th Grade IP Prezi 2017-2018

No description

Clark Counseling

on 13 November 2017

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Transcript of 10th Grade IP Prezi 2017-2018

Welcome to Sophomore Seminar!

Thursday November 16, 2017
Counselor Availability

Opportunities in High School
Counselors in Cougar Country

Your counselor is your guide for:
College/Career planning
Academic and Personal Decision making
In classrooms
In small groups
In the Career Center
In the Counseling Office
We hope you enjoyed the
Who are the counselors?
Give your time and energy w/o any expectation of payment
Great satisfaction comes from helping others.
Proves to others that you are dependable & competent.
Develop job skills you can’t learn in the classroom (increases confidence).
Helping Organizations: Student Council, Interact, The Red Cross Club, Key Club, etc.
Build your Resume Community Service/Volunteer
Check out University Criteria for High school students
Good grades
Challenging courses– including H/Pre-AP/AP/D courses when appropriate, 4 years of math/science, foreign languages, etc.
College entrance exams (SAT/ACT)
Extra-curricular activities, leadership experience & volunteering (Builds Resume)
Marjan Switzer - Head Counselor

Nicole Cleveland: A - Car

Javier Proa: Cas - F

Victoria Elizondo: G - H

Tonie Hutzler: I- McG

Kristen Guerra: McH - P

Lorna Carr: Q - Sm

Nivia O'Malley: Sn - Z
Before/After School
During your lunch period
If counselor is unavailable, fill out “Request to See Counselor Form”

Grade Point
(GPA) and Rank
Your GPA is calculated by adding all semester grades (See grades in the S1 and S2 columns) and dividing by the total number of semester grades you have (honors and advance placement points are added in)


If you fail a course, your semester grades are computed in your GPA

To Graduate You Must:

Pass all required courses
Pass all required EOC Tests (English I, English 2, Biolgoy, Algebra I, and U.S. History)
Earn 26 credits (22 from Foundation + 4 from Endorsement)

If you fail a class: Consider summer school or credit retrieval!

Rank is figured at the end of Junior year and again after the 1st semester of Senior year
The Texas public college or university of your choice must automatically admit you if your GPA ranks you in the top 10% (top 7% at UT Austin) of your high school graduating class, you apply no later that 2 years after you graduate from a Texas high school, and you meet application deadlines. (Subject to change by the Texas Legislature)
* Take Advanced Placement classes and AP Tests at the end of the year to earn college credit
* Take dual credit classes
* Watch for details and sign up in the spring

College Credit

English 3
Math Models, Alg. 2, Pre-Cal, Calculus
Chemistry, Physics, and/or Alternate
US History
Graduation Requirements (PE,
Health, Speech, Foreign Language,
Fine Arts, etc.)
Endorsement/Elective Courses

Junior Year Schedule
* Take the PSAT (Practice SAT) in October of your junior year. Review your sophomore PSAT.
* Go to www.collegeboard.com / psatextra for more info and enter YOUR CODE located on your PSAT Score Report you received in December
* Take the SAT/ ACT spring of your junior year.
* Take SAT/ ACT again as needed
College and Scholarships

It is never too early to search scholarships
GO Center (A101) has lots of information (Remind @10gocente)
Utilize scholarship websites like www.fastweb.com
Find college information at www.collegefortexans.com and www.gentx.org
Junior Lunch Criteria

Pass all 10th grade EOC tests
Pass all classes from previous semester
No more than 3 absences in semester
Be passing all classes each six weeks
Parent permission
Know Your Endorsement and Strand

The 5 Endorsements are:
Multidisciplinary 4X4
Public Services
Arts & Humanities
Business and Industry
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