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LLI Presentation to Idlehurst Staff

No description

Diana Pettis

on 26 July 2016

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Transcript of LLI Presentation to Idlehurst Staff

Kit Features
Staff that are receiving training in LLI include: Title I staff of 7, Reading Specialist, ELL Teacher, 5 Special Education Teachers
Goal and Overview
To improve students’ reading


10 lessons at each level
(20 in the red and gold)
5 lessons at instructional
5 lessons at independent
Lessons provided 5 days a week
Lesson in Kindergarten are 4 days a week
Teaching strategies are incorporated into the program

Leveled Literacy Intervention at Idlehurst Elementary School
Engaging text, with varied genres with levels listed.

We are a cohort of teachers who meet once a month to receive training in the implementation of Leveled Literacy Intervention.
Levels in each kit:
Orange (Levels A-C)
Green (Levels A-J)
Blue (Levels C-N)
Red (Levels L-Q)
Gold (Levels O-T)
How do we do Leveled Literacy Intervention?
Fountas and Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention
(LLI) is a small group supplementary intervention program. It is designed to be used with small groups of students who need intensive support to achieve grade level competency. LLI is based on the Fountas and Pinnell A-Z Text Gradient which is correlated to grade level. LLI is a system because it incorporates reading, writing, and word work.

Students below grade level in reading and writing
English Language Learners
Special Education Students
Tier 2 and Tier 3 students
The decision on who to service is based on each individual school’s needs.
Neediest children (bottom 15%)

Keeping Data on LLI Students
Odd Day Even Day

Please allow students time during RW to read the books in their take home bags. 
This is essential for the higher groups (red and gold) where a large part of the next day’s  lesson is  centered around discussion of the text that students need to finish reading independently. 

Title I staff sends Bi- Weekly Notes to classroom teachers on the goals being worked on in LLI groups.
Fountas and Pinnell Leveled Literacy database with all progress monitoring records.
Progress monitoring records should ideally show that students are reading at an independent level. (during re-read)
Text Bands
: language based, supported by pictures, focused at word level

: 2-5 lines at C, dialogue introduced as well as moves from pattern to story. D-2-6 lines story is longer pictures can be on left or right.

E- 3-8 lines, text all over the page, word solving strategies to the next level.
F- less picture support, text complexity increases. G-word solving strategies, wider range of text and genre.

H-J promoting start of independent read and interacting with the text author (shows, not tell).

K-L- different expressions, larger words, biographies, graphic novels, mysteries, no one identified as the talker.

More than one genre, morals introduced, N- building background knowledge.
O-expects knowledge to be there,
P-can jump from past to present or time to time, figurative language must be understood.
All things from P are continued,
and things go deeper.
A little more at each level.
Goes into deeper understanding

There are built in homework assignments that students can do independently or in the classroom.
Encourage home reading!
Reinforce the importance of the home and classroom connection which strengthens the lesson taught.
It is extremely important for teachers to confer with all students weekly.
Teachers can read take-home books with children.

We Need You Part 2!

Thank you for all your help!
What does the future hold?
When children change text bands, they will need support initially, then you can back off. The bands build on each other.
What is sent home with the children?
For the homework each night usually entails a reread book, and fold sheet for the orange, green, blue kits. For the red and gold kit there is usually finish reading and a writing piece.
Text Bands continued
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