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Dear Bully

No description

Amber Sky

on 9 March 2018

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Transcript of Dear Bully

3. He winked at her. Later at lunch he put something in her drink. She went to the nurse and couldn't stop puking. He got her number. He told her she was fat again and if she lost weight maybe he would be nice to her.
4. When she didn't go to school for a day he wouldn't stop texting her. She didn't go to school the next day. He wouldn't stop texting again. "This isn't funny. We were just kidding." He thinks she's going to kill herself. He told her not to hurt herself......but she already did.
2. His girlfriend stole her clothes in the locker room at gym. He got sent to the office to say sorry. He did and hugged her. She went out to dinner. He called her fat. When she got home she made herself puke.
1. For the first few letters the bully just does bully things. Call the her names and trip her. She wants to be like him bc everyone likes him. He cut her hair. He walks up to her and tells her she's ugly. He also got her sister pregnant?
Dear Bully
by TeaRainAndLove
Dear Bully
By TeaRainAndLove
This "book" is about a girl writing letters to her bully. That's all.....
5. His girlfriend broke her wrist.
Every Tuesday now they beat her up. She doesn't eat anymore. She only weighs 90 pounds. He stopped talking to her. He won't stop telling her to eat now. She's only 80 pounds . He puts food in her locker everyday. His girlfriend found out and slapped her.
His friends still call her names. He punched them. He started going to her house and taking her to dinner. One night he kissed her. She said don't do it again. He's been saying sorry a lot. He hates himself for what he did to her. "No you're not!" She cries. The next day the bully died. Her last letter said "I have to go now. I have to go burry you. I swear I'm not crying."
Other stuff:
Genre: fanfic
Point of View: first person?

Things she said:
1. "Dear Bully, Why do you torment me? It's not really funny. But you find it hilarious."
2. "You must have been mad today because you took it out on me. It's ok though. You always do."
3. "Dear bully, I did something bad today. They say once you start you can't stop. They were right."
What I rate this "book"
I would give it 3/5 stars.
The End!
(you might get confused bc no one had a name)
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