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Planning and creating a school magazine

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Annie MacSorley

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Planning and creating a school magazine

Target audience
while planning my idea for my school magazine, I conducted a questionnaire to determine what to include and who my target audience would be, I asked 20 different pupils in my school and that the most popular age group was shown to be 13 to 14, which is the majority age for key stage 3 students.
Colour Schemes
Planning and creating
a school magazine

As my front cover is the first thing that grabs my readers attention, i included a selection of colours for my target audience to choose from...
While the most popular colours were blue and pink, i choose to go with green and yellow as they work well with the theme of being a school magazine as they are the school colours.
I choose to go with the school colours of green and yellow, not only because they represent the school but they are also the main colours in the key stage 3 (my target audience) uniform.
Going by the information i gathered from my questionnaire, my magazine will be published every month as it was the preferred option for my target audience.
Story Types
School achievements:
being that it is a school magazine i am designing, it would redeem appropriate to include relevant information to the school, including achievements that would relate to key stage 3 students.
Upcoming events:
i should include upcoming school events that would be relevant to my target readers.
Sports events:
this would appeal to the students that are part of any sports clubs as well as appeal to the small amount of the male audience.
Book reviews:
as a way to encourage the key stage 3 students to read, by including book reviews they can get an idea of what to look out for in the library.
Exam Tips and homework advice:
include helpful advice and tips for the students when it comes to their exams and homework. include techniques on how to tackle homework and revision
Having competitions included in my hey stage 3 magazine can also encourage my audience to read the magazine as it would offer fun ways to win prizes

these competitions can include...
I got this idea to include a crossword as a means of a competition from newspapers that publish crosswords in their pages every day while offering a prize to their readers following the completion. although it wasn't the most popular choice among my audience.
This method of competition proved not a popular choice from the target audience that filled out the questionnaire with only 7 people choosing it, i included this option to keep my range of ideas wide.
Word searches:
I needed a method that the key stage that has a range of young ages would be capable of doing, however, it seemed not as popular as Quizzes in the questionnaire.

Art competitions and Quizzes:
The art competitions would appeal to the art students so that would narrow down the audience that would read the magazine, Quizzes redeemed the most popular option among the audience so i would include questions in order to win prizes in my magazine while being aware of my readers.
Masthead title ideas
School name (St Catherine's College):
It seems realistic to use the school name as the masthead of my school magazine, although it didn't serve as the best choice from the key stage 2 students that would be reading the magazine.
Cor unum:
this poses as the school motto meaning 'one heart' this also enhances the fact it's a school magazine by having the school motto showing as te title of the magazine.
Short and simple way to attract the student readers as my magazine would include notices that would relate to the key stage 3 student life. attracts the students to 'notice' the magazine.
Giveaways and prizes
This showed to be the most popular form of giveaway/ prize judging by my questionnaire feedback. i would have to have the sweets stuck to the front cover if i were to provide this to my readers. sweets can also be used as a form of prize for the competitions.
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