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No description

Joel Breguet

on 2 October 2015

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Transcript of Brodsky

Integration problems
He was appointed from the top
Perception problems
Self fulfilling prophecy
Selective perception
Similarity of the other managers compared to Brodsky
Psychological contract
Keller vs. Brodsky
Brodsky: Personality traits
Keller: Personality traits
Weighting the Decision
Highly cultivated and intellectual
Experienced and mature
Excellent analytical skills
Keeps personal life separated from the work environment
Not proactive
Formal and distant management style
Prefers to delegate as much as possible
Both are good managers with solid reputation
Leads to lower job satisfaction and lower overall performances
what are we talking about?

subsidiary in Kiev, Ukraine
Main charachters:

W. Keller
D. Brodsky
H. Häussler
I. Zelenko
V. Antonov

Final Decision
Solutions proposed in the case
1. Fire Brodsky or not give him his annual salary increase
Find someone more suitable
Better atmosphere in the area
Better relationships with customers and intermediaries
The "fastest" solution
Seen as a failure
Demotivate Brodsky (annual salary increase)
Additional costs
Weighting the Decision
2. Try (once again) to improve his performance
Lowest cost
Improving Brodsky's weaknesses
A more compromised Brodsky
Learn to work as a real team
Keller learning to delegate
Also an additional cost
Less immediate results
Risk of Brodsky not improving
Weighting the Decision
3. Reorganize and split the area in Marketing and Sales
Better results due to specialization
Resources within the same organization
Improve relationships
Less worries by Keller
Improvement in work (Keller and Zelenko)
Reorganization of the area
Relationship can get worst
Brodsky's position will be affected
Not good solution for the Vorstand
Zelenko is maybe too young for the position
Changes for customers
successful and confident
high self-efficacy
lack of teamwork
involved and impatient
Person-organization fit
successful new marketing strategy
good fit in Ukraine, not in Germany
give away responsibility
different to other companies
not delegating enough

-> better for small company
Keller: Person-job fit
Keller : Work attitudes
Job satisfaction

upside: loves his job, responsibility, challenges, good results

downside: problem with Brodsky

Keller: Work behavior
Job performance:

upside: capacity, enthusiasm

downside: "sufficient" -> no teamwork, no trust

1. Fire Brodsky or not give him his annual salary increase
2. Try (once again) to improve his performance
3. Reorganize and split the area in Marketing and Sales
Divide the class in six groups
One solution will be assigned randomly to each group
The groups have to find out the pros or cons of the solution assigned
Each group will briefly present its output to the class
Given the pros and cons presented, the three solutions will be discussed
The "right" solution simply doesn't exist
No one of the solutions proposed in the case should be implement just as it is
Some possibilities to solve
the problem still exist, by:
Keller's role in the final result
No action taken will be effective, unless Keller also impoves, indeed he has to:

learn how to deal with different personalities
stop interferring in other's activities
start delegating more
engage more other people, considering and appreciating more different ways of thinking and points of view

managing board
Vorstand, Munich

Köningsbräu TAK
managing director
director of commercial department
marketing director
Wolfgang Keller at Königsbräu TAK
34 years old
high reputation on being a hands-on manager
restored profits of many several firms
called at Köningsbräu for changing its strategies
aspires to the Vorstand
44 years old
highly cultivated
excellent analytical skills
mature and mentor to younger managers
Brodsky's strained dealings with Keller
Brodsky seems to be distant
refuses to get involved with costumers
refrained from visiting sales representatives

What is the problem?
Keller: The big five
high level of extraversion
level of openness
level of neuroticism
Brodsky: The big five
High level of conscientiousness
Low level of extraversion
Person-organization fit
German management style
Person-job fit
Positive aspects:
Great analyses and planning reports
Loyal employee

Negative aspects:
Lack of social skills
Low level of leadership for the sales team
Brodsky: Work Attitudes
Job satisfaction
Organizational commitment
Upside: Brodsky is recognized for being good at his job;

Downside: His fractious relationship with Keller

Person environment fit
Organizational justice
Relationships at work
Brodsky: Work behavior
Organizational citizenship behavior
Weighting the Decison
Generational problem?
Different generation (34 y.o. millenial VS 44 y.o. Gen. X)
Multitasking and connected with new technologies
Expect immediate interaction (E-mail outside working hours, phonecalls during week-ends.)
Hands-on. Embrace challenges.
Job performance
Motivation Problems
Keller attributes Brodsky low motivation to internal factors

Organizational justice
Work-life balance
Big five personality traits
Build relationships, highly adaptable to changes
Perform well when together with Openness people
Keller lacks of agreeableness towards Brodsky
Positive aspects:
skilled, abilities
perfect leader
Negative aspects:
no delegating
no teamwork -> no trust
Organizational commitment:

upside: puts company first

person-environment fit
relationship at work
Organizational citizenship behavior

upside: try to help -> interfering
Factors relevant to the level of
job satisfaction
organizational commitment
Reorganizing the responsabilities
Implementing regular meetings
Defining responsabilities each part of the team have
Setting goals together in the area and measure them regularly
Work attitudes:
Excellent analytical
Great job with redesigning the sales force
Development of control systems

It took him more than Keller expected
Brodsky's formal treatment and avoidance for face-to-face interactions created a distance between him and his co-workers
Group 1
Azevedo Lima Juliana
Bianchi Valentina
Breguet Joel
Forcucci Francesca
Künzli Meret
Navarro Angela
Talya Bauer & Berrin Erdogan (2012). Organizational Behavior, version 1.1. Nyack, NY: Flat World Knowledge
John J. Gabarro (2008). Wolfang Keller at Königsbräu -TAK (A). Harvard Business School Publishing. Boston MA02163
close relationships
Thank you very much!
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