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Online pedagogies

Lecture to B Ed 1st year Children Education Settings and Society

Nicky Carr

on 20 July 2012

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Transcript of Online pedagogies

lack of verbal & non verbal cues engaging community Lurking ease of use navigation need to show people where things are multiple ways of doing the one thing collaborative teacher roles facilitator easy to hide from the instructor and peers student to teacher student to student learning knowledege construction from experience is still the aim learning is an active process in which meaning is developed on the basis of experience learning is collaborative with meaning negotiated from multiple perspectives Interactive Challenge - how to engage the more passive learner in being more collaborative and interactive???? social negotiator provide activities that are interactive, help learners to get to know one another ice breakers
individual introductions
netiquette rules structural engineer provide activities that require:
critical thinking
sharing of ideas activities that require small groups to collaborate to solve problems; reflect on experiences content discussions
role playing
jigsaws community member activities become leaner designed and led not just where the teacher intends but where the learner directs them to go One Word think of one word that best describes you or your life. Enter your word and your name in the subject line of a discussion board topic. Then explain why you chose that word in the body of the posting. Review other group members' entries. Reply to one other person's message and try to find at least two additional nouns that you have in common Room with a view Describe in vivid detail the view from your favourite window. Weave some autobiographical information into your 'view'. Read what others have posted and respond to two other entries indicating why you would like to trade places for the day Checklist Is it fun and non-threatening?
Is it person not content-focused?
does it require learners to read one another's entries?
Does it require the learner to find at least one thing in common with others?
Does it require a person to be imaginitive or be open? Characteristics of effective online learning environments teacher to student Challenge - staying on task; it ain't facebook!! But social interaction helps to build that sense of belonging - how to you set a balance shared goals
multiple perspectives
co-construction of knowledge
culturally diverse safe safety to wonder, share, be open, offer ideas -not just be passive supportive address technical issues swiftly inter-cultural challenges different communication styles
langauge, importance of non-verbal communication different attitude towards conflict different approaches to completing tasks different attitudes towards disclosure different approaches to knowing student to the online environment sense of belonging student to pre-existing knowledge interactions should be frequent and meaningful keeping everyone energised and engaged support
ask open-ended questions
steer discussions back to task
set new tasks and challenges respectful less direction
more suggestion lack of facial expressions, gestures lack of voice tone reliance on text only, emoticons http://www.flickr.com/photos/robinh00d/211675274/ http://trcs.wikispaces.com/Community09 http://yeo.net.au/2009/11/02/welcome/ people want to be there actively participating in the work of the community http://visualkm.wordpress.com/2010/01/09/90-9-1-rule-for-participation-inequality-lurkers-vs-contributors-in-internet-communities-jakob-nielsens-alertbox/ Hi, wassup?

Nothing Safe Supportive Inclusive Engaging Challenging (fun) Face to face Online What's the same?? What's different?? What's different??
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