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Emotional Neglect in Children

No description

Melanie Hernandez

on 28 April 2017

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Transcript of Emotional Neglect in Children

Emotional Neglect in Children
Family Factors
Attachment Bonds
Societal Factors
Raising public awareness
Making mental health services available
Increasing research
Emotionally Neglected Brain
when a child's basic physical and/or psychologcial needs are not met
Glaser's 5 Categories for Emotional Neglect
Emily Sanders - M.F.T
Faith Integration
There doesn't seem to be a Biblical passage of emotional neglect that match the definition that my articles provide, rather the Bible is used to exemplify what a father should do just like our Father in heaven.
Individual Factors
Social Withdrawal
Internalized Behavior
Emotional Unavaliability, Unresponsiveness and Neglect; which includes parental insensitivity
Negative Attributes and Misattributions to the Child
Developmentally Inappropriate or Inconsistent Interaction with the Child
Failure to Recognize or Acknowledge the Child's Individuality and Psychological Boundary
Failing to Promote the Child's Social Adaptation



an attachment bond is an enduring emotional relationship with a specific person
the relationship brings safety, comfort, soothing, and pleasure
loss or threat of loss of the person evokes intense distress
"A solid healthy attachment with a primary caregiver appears to be associated with a high probability of healthy relationships with others while poor attachment with the mother or primary caregiver appears to be associated with a host of emotional and behavioral problems later in life" (Perry, 2002)
"When a parent is unavailable to sooth or recognize what the child is going through; therefore the child is forced to regulate their own emotions" (Sander, 2017)
low emotional intelligence
they were also emotionally neglected
mental illness
"As a father shows compassion to his children, so the LORD shows compassion to those who fear him" (Psalm 103:13).
Emotional Neglect is hard to idenfity; however there are different risk factors and/or clues that could lead to a potential case of emotional neglect.
Substance Abuse
Lower Education Levels
High Levels of Psychopathology
High Levels of Psychological Distress
Old Research
New Research
Prevent Child Abuse America
Child Neglect
Child Emotional Neglect
when a parent fails to provide enough sensitive, clear, and available emotional communication and interaction with the child
External Factors (Family)
socioeconomic status
parental education
family dysfunction
Internal Factors (Child)
acting out
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