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Gallipoli - the main events

covers the main events of the Gallipoli campaign - for students

Leon Davidson

on 11 May 2017

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Transcript of Gallipoli - the main events

The main events

Read over the following summaries and decide which one you want to explore more
The landing
On April 25, 1915, the Australians and New Zealanders attacked the Gallipoli Peninsula. The fighting was extremely fierce and the Anzacs only just managed to secure the beach and parts of the hills.
(Scarecrow Army, p40-55, fiction, p. 37-39)
The Armistice
On May 18, Turkish troops attacked the Anzacs to drive them off their land. They died in their thousands. With bodies decomposing, the two sides agreed to a ceasefire to bury the dead. For the first time, men from both sides met briefly in peace.
(Scarecrow Army, p.84-91)
Chunuk Bair
This was New Zealand's biggest battle. Maori soldiers did the haka after taking a trench and on August 8, the Wellingtonians finally took the high point the British wanted captured on Day 1. But could they hold it?
(Scarecrow Army, p. 109-122, 126-143)
Drill into the details
Details, details, details...
Cape Helles
In early May, with the fighting deadlocked, the New Zealanders were shipped down to the bottom of the Peninsula. In broad daylight, they charge across fields of daisies and poppies to their deaths.
After a grueling start to winter, the decision was made to withdraw. But how could they get 10,000 troops off a tiny beach without the Turks knowing? ((Scarecrow Army, p. 158-174)
The Turkish perspective
A battle always has two sides. The British and Anzacs expected them to run away but the Turks were defending their homeland and a dying empire. (Scarecrow Army, p. 148-154)
For weeks on end, little ground was won or lost by the Anzacs, yet hundreds still died. Snipers, the diet and flies were all big killers. Find out what it was like for the Anzacs to live like rabbits and make do with number 8 wire mentality.
(Scarecrow Army, p.95-105)
(Scarecrow Army, p.79-84)
The days after
During the days after the landing, the Anzacs had to overcome the advantage of the Turks. They dug into the hills like rabbits while about ground, huge grenade battles occurred.
(Scarecrow Army, p. 59-72)
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