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The Scarlet Letter vs. Easy A

No description

Sahara Rasmussen

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of The Scarlet Letter vs. Easy A

The Scarlet Letter vs. Easy A
In the end of "Easy A", Olive ends up going to her teacher and reveals to him what his wife would not. She tells him about the affair, which she was earlier attempting to convince his wife to confess to. In the end of "The Scarlet Letter", Hester's adulterer confesses to his own sin, after she tried to find a way for him to escape from it.
Hester Prynne protected the man who shared her sin, and Olive Penderghast tried to take the blame for other people as well.
Obviously, both Hester and Olive bore an "A" on their chest. They both created their own and sewed them onto their wardrobes, but Olive's was by choice and Hester was forced.
The "A"
In "The Scarlet Letter", the stories were all true, and Hester had actually commited adultery. She never meant for others to know. In "Easy A", the rumors were not true, and Olive perpetuated many of them.
The Deed
In both stories, Olive and Hester often felt alone a oppressed. Olive was able to occasionally turn to her family for support, and Hester had her daughter, but even those were not enough to completely numb the pain that was caused by the people around them.
Olive Penderghast and Hester Prynne are both very defiant people. When Olive realizes that the way people are acting towards her isn't going to change, she decides that instead of fighting it, she's going to shock them all, and decide for herself what her reputation will be. Similarly, Hester Prynne refuses to let her destroyed reputation keep her from living a life with her daughter.
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