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Figurative Language: Idioms & Analogies

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Scott Castro

on 11 January 2018

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Transcript of Figurative Language: Idioms & Analogies

Figurative Language: Idioms & Analogies
Guess the Idiom
In Greek, Idiom means "special feature, special phrasing"
An expression of two or more words that means something other than the literal meanings of the words the sentence contains.
Answer = crack a joke
Translation = say something funny
Guess the Idiom
Answer = piece of cake
Translation = referring to something being easy
Guess the Idiom
Answer = back to square one
Translation = back to the beginning
Guess the Idiom
Answer = big deal
Translation = it's not important
Guess the Idiom
Answer = butterfly's in my stomach
Translation = being nervous
Guess the Idiom
Answer = split up
Translation = to separate
Guess the Idiom
Answer = put your money where your mouth is
Translation = enough talk, prove it
Guess the Idiom
Answer = the naked eye
Translation = without visual assistance
Guess the Idiom
Answer = taste of your own medicine
Translation = do exactly the same to them; revenge
An analogy is a comparison of two things that are perceived to not be alike from one another, but have something in common.
indicates Common Core testing vocabulary
Guess the Analogy
Book is to Read; as Movie is to
Guess the Analogy
Running is to Exercising; as Sitting is to
Guess the Analogy
Big is to Tall; as Small is to
Illustrating Figurative Language
Illustrate 1 idiom and 1 analogy. Use the website below to find popular idioms. Do not use the examples in this Prezi. Questions?

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