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6th Math Ratio Tables/Scaling

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Jessica Barrett

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of 6th Math Ratio Tables/Scaling

Classwork A patient receives 1 liter of IV fluids every 8 hours. At that rate, find how many hours it will take to receive 4 liters of IV fluids. Use a ratio table to help you find the correct drops of food coloring. Tables Example In a recent year, Joey Chestnut won a hot dog eating contest by eating nearly 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes. If he ate at a constant rate, determine about how many hot dogs he ate every 2 minutes. Scaling Multiplying or dividing two related quantities by the same number is called scaling. Mrs. Barrett
6th Grade Math
Feb. 5, 2013 Ratios Equivalent Vocabulary Ratio Table - organizing equivalent ratios into a table.

Equivalent Ratios - ratios that express the same relationship between quantities.

Scaling - multiplying or dividing two related quantities by the same number. Ratio Tables To make yellow icing, you mix 6 drops of yellow food coloring with 1 cup of white icing. How much yellow food coloring should you mix with 5 cups of white icing to get the same shade? I can use ratio tables to represent and solve problems involving equivalent ratios How many drops of food coloring are in 1 cup of frosting?

If you want 5 cups of frosting are you increasing or decreasing? Do you multiply or divide? x 5 x 5 Since 1 x 5 = 5, multiply each quantity by 5. So, add 30 drops of yellow food coloring to 5 cups of Icing. Can you fill in the table? Are you multiplying or dividing? We know that 12 and 66 can be divided by 2 because they are even numbers. divide by 2 divide by 2 We know that 33 and 6 can be divided by 3 Chestnut ate 11 hot dogs every 2 minutes. Example Joe mows lawns in the summer. He took 14 hours last week to mow 8 lans. At this rate, how many lawns could he mow in 49 hours? You can scale back (divide) to 2 then scale forward (multiply) to 7. divide by 2 divide by 2 X 7 X 7 So, Joe can mow 28 lawns in 49 hours. a) Draw and fill in the ratio table, then complete the sentence A child's height measures 105 centimeters. We know that 25 centimeters equals 10 inches. Estimate her height in inches. It takes _____ hours to receive 4 liters of IV fluids. a) Draw and fill in the ratio table. then complete the sentence. 105 centimeters equals ______ inches.
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