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jessika young

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

In what ways did your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? One way our media product uses conventions of other media products are in the camera work and shots.
I decided to film my video hand held so the camera was unsteady. I first got this idea from Noah and the Whale - 5 Years time music video. I thought that it gave it a vintage and
a home made feel. It also gives it a sense
of quirkiness. All of which I wanted to
feature in my music video, especially as
the band are of the Indie genre, having a
quirky video would fit the conventions. Costume As I wanted a quirky music video I decided I wanted it to be quite realistic. This encouraged me to have simple but colorful costumes. I then found that it was also used in
Katy Perry's Thinking Of You. The use of this reinforces the
vintage setting. Narrative I researched popular romantic and rom com films. The biggest influence was from When Harry Met Sally. Throughout the film there are clips of old couples telling their own love story.
So I decided to
develop from
this. Because of the lyrics in my video I chose
to have a love story narrative. Basement Jaxx - Oh my gosh This music video is set in an old peoples home. This again cemented the fact that I wanted an older couple to feature in my music video as they can be seen as cute! A-ha - Take on Me This is one of my favorite music videos. In this music video the acting is exaggerated. I showed my actress Kirsty this video as I wanted her to experiment with exaggerated facial expressions. Gwen Stefani - Cool This is another music video, in each of the love story narratives
there seems to be a problem with the relationship. This is when I decided I would have my teenage boy "move to the city" Lip Syncing Most music video's from the 'Indie' genre include performance in their music videos, especially 2 Door Cinema Club. In my case I decided I didn't want a band to feature in mine as it would mean I'd have less time for my narrative, especially as the song is quite short. However, I still wanted lip syncing to feature as this is a predominant convention of a music video. So decided to use my actors rather than a singer. Macklemore - Thrift Shop This recent song does include Macklemore himself, however the chorus becomes comical when the 'fat' lady sings, because it is obviously not her voice. Bob Sinclar - Rock this Party (Everybody Dance Now) This video has a young kid miming the lyrics, again this is comical as the voice is completely different. This is when I decided I wanted all my actors to sing. Nickleback - Rockstar Another video with more than one person lip
synching the same voice. This reassured me that
people will accept the idea... Kate Nash's dress code in Foundations is simple
and bright. It is also fashionable of the time. As my teenagers were more likely to appear in my music video the most I asked them to come dressed in what they would normally wear. I asked Effie especially to wear teenage clothes, eg. the denim jacket. She also wore red lipstick adding more colour. Jump cuts video. At first I wanted to include
animation in my music video, but decided against it as it would be very time consuming, and due to exams being at awkward times I was worried I wouldn't be able to give the animation justice. My jump cuts are quite
a predominant feature in my music When looking at animation I got ideas from... Kate Nash - Foundations After watching this video I wanted to do some animations with my sweet tins, instead
i decided to use jump cuts to make it look slightly animated... Regina Spector - Us movements here again
influenced my jump cuts. Again the animated Roundabout Shots These are my favourite shots, here are the videos
I got the idea from! Stornoway - Zorbing Kate Nash - Mouthwash
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