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Why Fathom?

Fathom careers presentation

Joshua Harley

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Why Fathom?

and a 28% reduction in median sales price
Income potential has dropped but brokerage fees remain the
same and
agents are
competing over
fewer opportunities.

but only a 26% reduction in the number of real estate agents?
Did you know
That equates to a 38% reduction in income!
since 2006, Realtors have seen a 36% reduction
in home sales

Less pie!
What is your
broker doing
to help you?

Do you have the freedom to run your business your way?
Are you getting
the highest possible commission splits?

Do you
have access to the best technology?
If not, what are your options?
You run a real estate business!
If you are waiting to start your own
business, guess what, you already have!
It's time to find the company with
the best business and technology platform to
grow your business!
So now what?
A platform that provides you with the best tools, resources, training and commission splits you need to succeed!
Where do you find a company like that?
WE PROVIDE our associates with the platforms, tools, technology, training and support they need to build their successful real estate career!

WE COACH our associates on how to brand and market themselves and their business!

WE TEACH our associates how to generate their own leads!

WE GIVE our associates the best commission splits in the industry!
Get more.
Keep more.
Fathom Realty exists to serve our associates and clients through innovation and cutting-edge technology. With servants’ hearts, we believe in giving 100% to our associates and achieving 100% satisfaction from our clients.
3 Commission Plans
Agent Websites
Mobile Web & CRM
Training Online & In Person
Tools, Technology & Training
to Generate Leads
Run Your Business Your Way
Professional Marketing Material
Full Service Support
... and so
much more!
Learn more at
Silver Plan: $25 p/Mth | 15% p/Sale | $75 p/Lease

Gold Plan: $99 p/Mth | $350 p/Sale | $75 p/Lease

Platinum Plan: $350 p/Mth | $95 p/Sale | $75 p/Lease
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