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The Last Song

No description

Tammy Pham

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of The Last Song

Analysis Ronnie is a seventeen-year-old girl whose parents are divorved. Her mom pushes her and her younger brother, Jonah, to come visit their dad in North Carolina for the entire summer. Ronnie depises the thought of having to spend the summer with him. Ever since her dad had left, she never bothered to say a word in the three years they have been apart. Ronnie and her dad shared a common interest-the piano. However, Ronnie stoped playing because she felt her dad had abandoned her since he had left the family to live here. Ronnie meets Blaze who introduces her to her abusive boyfriend, Marcus. When Blaze finds her boyfriend becoming interested in Ronnie, she becomes madly jelous and snuck CDs into Ronnie's bag to accuse her of stealing.Ronnie remains angry and is unwilling to settle things with her father until she sees how much trust he had in her. Ronnie was shocked to find her dad believing her when she said she was framed for shoplifting. She later bumps into a vollyball player named Will. Will is not the type of guy Ronnie would like, but she finds Will different from other guys. Will and Ronnie form a special bond when they watch over loggerhead turtles. They end up falling in love. <3 xD Analysis Evaluation of Ending [: I loved the ending to this book because it reveals that anything can happen when it comes to being with the person you love. Will planned on attending Vanderbuilt University in the end of the summer. This leaves Ronnie and Will a limited time with each other. Ronnie tries to make the best of it knowing their time together would soon come to its end. In the end, Will changes his mind and decides to go with plan B which was to transfer to Columbia to participate in an environmental program. This way, they will both live in New York. Ronnie auditions for Julliard after her father passes away. She finishes the last song he had been working on and got the chance to play it to him. >o< (: Setting The setting takes place in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. Characters Ronnie starts off as a rebellious and resentful girl. She goes to clubs and has stolen items from a store. However, the whole experience of being in NC changes her life.

Ronnie's father, Steve, has always kept to himself. He taught at Julliard for ten years. He finds out that he inherited having stomach cancer from his father and keeps it a secret from Ronnie. He is a father that cares about his children and is joyful to spend time with Ronnie and Jonah for the summer they are together.

Will is the guy who Ronnie becomes close to and falls in love with. He is caring and likes how he is so comfortable being around Ronnie.

Jonah is Ronnie's little brother who has a big heart. He has a cute attitude when trying to get his way, but his ways are innocent and sweet.

Marcus is crazy and he burns down the church which held great importance to Ronnie's father, Steve. He would risk anything in order to get his way.

The Last Song The End ! Theme The theme of this book is about faith, family, forgivness and love. Ronnie not only forgives her parents for what they made her go through, but she also learns to forgive herself.
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