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I Am Sam Movie Analysis

No description

Tasya Putri

on 8 March 2016

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Transcript of I Am Sam Movie Analysis

Rita Williams - Sam's laywer
Sam's friends
'I Am Sam' Movie
I Am Sam (2001)
Released: 25 January 2001 (USA)
Genre: Drama
Theme: All you need is love
Director: Jessie Nelson
Writers: Kristine Johnson, Jessie Nelson
Sam Dawson - IQ of a 7-year-old
Lucy Dawson - Sam's daughter
Movie Scene
Movie Music
Movie Character
- Played in the background.

- Soft instrument key.

- Shows emotions of characters.

- Let us know when they're happy or not.
- Tone color changes with the mood

- Cool colors for sad scenes

- Vibrate colors for happy scenes
Camera View
- Shows what character's view.

Scenes in which Sam spins in circle:

- Sam's mental stage.
- A hint: being a parent is confusing.
This movie has a positive image of Sam and his disability. The filming aspects help the audience to relate to Sam and his view of the world.

Even though people have disabilities, they are just like us. People with intellectual disabilities just need a little more assistance than most of us, they are still normal people, and should not get treated differently.
Plot Summary
- Sam Dawson is a man with a development disability, who works at Starbucks.
- He has a daughter, name Lucy from a homeless woman, who abandoned them as soon as they left the hospital
- Lucy reaches the age 7, and soon becomes more competent than her father
- Social Workers come to Lucy’s birthday party and take her from Sam
- Sam finds Rita, and convinces her to take his case
- Lucy convinces Sam to help her run away from the foster home
- Sam breaks down and admits, during the trial, he can not take care of Lucy
- Lucy runs away from her adoptive foster home
- The foster family gives the rights back to sam, understanding he needs Lucy
Sign meaning: No-turning-back decision
Movie Analysis
Opening Scene
Buying diapers
Get Lucy to sleep
Feeding her
Sleepless nights
Annie's advice
Difficulty of a new father
Lucy's curiosity
Sam is sorry for his abnormality
"Don't be sorry. I'm lucky. Nobody else's daddy ever come to the park."
Sam's mistakes
Careless of Lucy's bedtime
Afraid of changes
Lucy's classmate
Sam's laywer
Lucy's love for her dad
Running away from foster home
Sam brings her back
- Sam: love, care and instinct
- Has every right to raise his daughter
Warm color
Cool color
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