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The Second Bakery Attack Presentation

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Mandy Giani

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of The Second Bakery Attack Presentation

Themes: Symbolism By: Haruki Murakami The Second Bakery Attack We found religion to be a big part of the short story, especially after finding out the meaning of the symphony the Tannhäuser and the Flying Dutchman by Wagner.
"Because he once invoked Satan, the ghost captain is cursed to roam the sea forever without rest. An angel brought to him the terms of his redemption: every seven years the waves will cast him upon the shore; if he can find a wife who will be true to him he will be released from his curse."
The meaning of the symphony talks about how an exchange with the devil occurred. In the story this is shown when the two men rob the bakery, committing a devious, satanic crime. After this happened, he journeyed throughout the rest of his life alone, which was symbolized by the boat, and the volcano represented a burning burden put there by the curse. This can also portray another theme, karma. Religion Because of his crime of robbing, the husband is given bad karma - a curse. Karma Choices Choices play a big part of the story. Any choice made affects the karma you will receive. The husband and his best friend had made the choice of robbing the bakery, thus getting 'cursed' Religion
Choices The quote also said that every seven years he'd be given the opportunity to find a wife and only she could uplift the curse and that is why, after he robs the McDonalds with his wife, the curse is uplifted. This shows how strong a woman's decision is. Which brings us upon another theme, marriage.
In the 'Second Bakery Attack' marriage plays a big role. The message being portrayed from marriage is that marriage gives couples sense of companionship and comfort. Many choices have to be made together when married. Which leads onto our other theme, choices. Marriage The number of big macs left over (20). The number 20 symbolizes Redemption in the view of the Holy Bible. This could possibly be there to show that the Husband has been forgiven and free of his curse. (www.asis.com)
We were curious as to why they only robbed bread in the short story, while paying for everything else. In a Christian/ Catholic church bread is given out to the people in the church, after being blessed by a priest. This is done because at the Last Dinner, Jesus had blessed the bread and gave it out to his disciples. We feel the bread is symbolic in some greater way.
Post Modern Elements
The curse itself is magical realism.
McDonalds and all the places they pass by while they're driving is techoculture.
Paranoia is when the wife first thinks the hunger is because of the marriage/curse. Summary Video:
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