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Out of Africa

Discussion of Asraf - Galor

alberto bisin

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Out of Africa

A discussion of:
Out of Africa, by Q. Ashraf and O. Galor

Alberto Bisin (NYU) The message of the paper is a bomb:

"genetic diversity [...] has had a direct long lasting effect on the pattern of comparative economic development," p. 0

"the composition of human populations with respect to their overall genetic diversity has been a significant and persistent factor that affected the course of economic development from the dawn of human civilization to the present," p. 9

The way I see it,

Out of Africa is the macro
version of: Conclusions:

Fascinating - really!

No, I do not buy yet the "it's all genes" theory

By the way, stochastic processes of demographic dynamics/growth with geographic migration, genetic drift, and cultural transmission can be simulated to test the theory against many more moments; see Cavalli Sforza and co-authors.
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