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1950's fashion

No description

sasha cadavid

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of 1950's fashion

1950's Fashion
Sasha Cadavid 1950's Fashion Christian Dior

Teenagers became the driving force of fashion. Fragile Femininity 1950's Fashion 1950s fashions emphasized fragile femininity, in the form of soft shoulders, stiletto heels, wrist-length gloves and full, billowing skirts. Even working women's outfits hinted at fragility, with pencil-slim skirts and little hats with veil and feathers. The 1950's "new look" originated from the Christian Dior collection Corolle in the late 1940's
The collection consisted of long skirts full skirts, soft shoulders, and a tight waist.
emphasizing the bust and the hourglass-shaped figure.
Women looked more feminine and ready to have children. 1950s Hairstyles Teddy Boys and Rockers Teddy Boys started in mid 1950's in England
Teenagers with a different way of dressing up.
Older generations called them the rebels.
They went against the unofficial dress code Drapes - A long jacket, down to the knees, often brightly colored, or even pastel, with velvet lapels. Beetle-crushers/brothel creepers - shoes with very thick crepe soles. D.A. - Duck's Arse, referring to how the back of the hair was combed, resembling the way a duck's tail feathers fold. Women's Hairstyle Women's hair was long curled and high maintenance Men's Hairstyle Men wore their hair short military-like cut
hair could not touch ears
in some states it was even illegal Coats Three-quarter length silk coats
fur stoles and evening wraps
Full loose coats ( popular because of high pregnancy rate after war). Men's Fashion single-breasted
two or three widely spaced buttons
with no back vent.
charcoal gray "American suit" "Penny loafer" a slip-on shoe with a cut-out apron that could fit a penny. Men's Fashion Before the 1950's adults and teenagers wore the same cloths. As cinema, television and rock 'n' roll swept the world, teenagers started to copy the 'style of the stars' The Youth fashion blossomed into its own industry. Bibliography " 1950s Fashion For Women." Living Fifties Fashion, A Guide To Clothing, Styles, and Customs Of The 1950s. N.p., n.d. Web. 3 Feb. 2013. <http://www.living-fifties-fashion.com/1950s-Fashion.html>.
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