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Digital Marketing Prezi

Digital Marketing Prezi

Lesley-Ann English

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Digital Marketing Prezi

Viral Marketing 2013 2009 2010 2011 2012 Team 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Social Media Marketing
Defined Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of Internet marketing that utilizes social networking websites as a marketing tool. Viral marketing involves creating a marketing message that spreads itself

1 person exposed to the message passes it on, the message is spread exponentially

There must be an incentive to send the message (share and
like for competitions) Unique characteristics of
web channel
• Demand for fresh content – content is king
• How to keep current and relevant
• Low costs
• viral propagation
• Access to media
• Technology
• Segmentation, different by age & culture
• Consolidation of web channels
• New technologies
• Risks of rejection – intrusion/privacy THE WEB AS A MARKETING MEDIUM Digital Marketing Range of Media used in digital/internet marketing Text –- web pages
Voice -– podcasts/mp3 files
Multimedia - videos, games, apps Internet Marketing
Traditional Marketing Requires new strategies
and tactics
Internet, next site is
a click away. Digital v Traditional Marketing
Product: apps, online games, airline tickets - product itself is a creation on the web

Price: Price comparison sites, online auctions

Place: Online ordering, virtual outlets

Promotion: Impact of social media, Facebook “friending”, “Liking”, viral propagation of content

People: Online self service - such as in banking and travel industries

Process: Quality processes, security online -

Physical evidence: Low risk, low price purchases Irish Facts

• 85% of on line customers in Ireland are expected to buy on line in the next year

.• 90% of all Irish companies use the Internet

• 7% of companies have web sites but no email Brochure site
Customer support/
maintain relationships
Conduct market research
Give product information
Generate interest in
new products
Cross/Up Sell products on line The Internet to

achieve business goals
Perception of the consumer is the key
Find out what works for your business
Focus on closing the sale Promoting your web site
• Submit the site for awards
• Traditional advertising
• Make use of ‘Hold’ facility on phones
• Join an Affiliate program
• Request links from sites that match your target market
• Use Auto Signatures on all emails Content is King

Keep in mind what is being marketed. It is not the web site, it is the content within it.
Use language that customers use, avoid technical language
75% of online consumers return to favourite sites for strong content
Women buy or influence 80% of all consumer purchases
See more @ http://bit.ly/LvvpRG Build content - content from a consumers point of view

Start with content of sales letter – more personal and emotional

Drive traffic Listen to the customer

Use web as first line for sales

•People don’t buy on first visit – give them a reason to come back Developing an on line business Tell old customers about improvements
Learn about competitors
Unique selling points
Add value
Endorsements Marketing – General Tips Viral Marketing Programs • Tell a Friend - email to a friend
• Postcards
• Newsletter - refer a friend
• Recommend this site (Recommend-It)
• Participate in mailing lists
• Submit the site for awards (Golden Spider awards http://www.eircomspiders.ie/ )
• Make the site easy to bookmark (put the icons on the webpage, e.g. Delicious, Pin it) • It is an electronic form of word of mouth and therefore very credible and effective
• It allows you to pass your message to groups of people without requiring their email addresses
• It creates a snowball effect: more and more people are exposed to the email without additional cost Advantages of Viral Marketing Products v. Services Products Services Transfer of ownership

Can be resold Can be demonstrated

The seller produces No transfer

Cannot resell Cannot be demonstrated

Buyer takes part in
production General rules for marketing Reassure the consumer - technically
Create a customer charter
Clearly display terms & conditions
Explain returns/refund policy
Publish complaints procedure
Be very careful with special markets - e.g. children Tried and tested
4 P’s: product, price,
place, promotion Traditional Internet Uses of Websites
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