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How has technology changed in the last 50 years!

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Giancarlo Arias

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of How has technology changed in the last 50 years!

How has Technology changed in the last 50 years! Introduction Technology fifty years ago Technology Nowadays The changes in technology over the last 50 years have been amazing, for example: TV went color, phones went mobile, computers shrank from needing an air-conditioned room to the laptops we have today ,guitars went electric, pianos became electronic keyboards, post became email, cars have changed so much ( better braking, more economical engines, better safety), better entertainment systems,microwaves appeared for cooking,etc. Nowadays society is very different and this is because of the changes in technology. 6o'S 7o's 80's 90's This is the era of fax/modems, email, the new online world, dazzling multimedia games and educational software; innovations that changed the way people interacted with each other on an international scale. Inventions in the 1990s would include:
•The World Wide Web , the Internet protocol (HTTP) and WWW language (HTML) created by Tim Berners-Lee. (it meant the start of today's internet)
.The first version of Internet Explorer is released
•The Java computer language
•The DVD
•The Web TV
•New Windows operating systems
•The Viagra pill
•The MP3
•The Gas Powered Fuel Cell
•Introduction of 2G cellphones (GSM) including text messages, and some other applications that 1G cellphones didn't have.
•The genetic engineering, as well as cloning, and stem cell research.
•The Smart Pills
•The Beepers The 60’s were a period of great social change. The advances in communication technologies and the space race in this decade produced that lifestyles were changing. Some inventions and important events from this period are:
•The Cash Dispenser
•The Computer become commercialized for business
. Until the mid-1960s color TV started selling in large numbers
. The computer mouse
•The Ruby Laser
•The halogen lamp
•The Optical Disk ( now Compact Disk CD / DVD )
•The Audio or tape cassette
•The Portable Calculator
•The Soft contact lenses
•The AstroTurf
•Dow Corp invented silicone breast implants
• “Space war”, the first computer video game invented.
•The ARPANET (first internet) was invented.
First home video recorder In the 70’s social practices continued to be influenced by new technological advances; some of those advances were:
•The floppy disk
•The dot-matrix printer
•The daisy-wheel printer .
•The food processor
•First Internet connection is documented
•The Ethernet (local computer network).
•The disposable lighter
•The liposuction
•The laser printer
•The inkjet printer
•Microsoft was founded
•It was the first all-color TV season
The first portable computer (laptop) The 80’s were a really important decade because it signaled the start of the computer age and many of the most popular consumer products still around today were invented in the 80s for example:
•The hepatitis-B vaccine
•The scanning tunneling microscope
•The Soft bifocal contact lenses
•The birth of the IBM PC signaled the start of Personal Computers first in the Offices and then into people’s homes becoming an integral part of our lives.
•The MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) and the Windows program.
•The apple Lisa and the the Apple Macintosh (both computers designed by apple)
•The currently familiar disposable camera
•The first 3-D video game called “Robot”
•The Digital cellular phones (1G cellphones) We are now living in a modern society that's great for the lazy person. Our cars are so advanced that they pretty much drive themselves and even the devices in our kitchen can prepare a scrumptious supper with minimal input from our side. Nowadays there are a lot of technological things that fifty years ago did not exist, for example:
•Artificial Hearts and Artificial livers, including other organs
•Fuel cell bikes
•Self-cleaning windows
•Iphones and Ipods
•Digital cameras
•Virtual keyboards
•Phone tooth
•Optical Camouflage Systems
• Hybrid Cars
•Ice Bikes
•Social Networks like: Facebook, Tweeter, My Space,etc.
•Smart phones
•Washing machines,
•Electric toothbrushes
•Automated gates and garage doors
Technology is the fast growing industry as of right now and it has no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In fact everything will be run by technology in the near future.
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