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The NWMP and Treaties

No description

C. Manifold

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of The NWMP and Treaties

What is the role of the police? Create a statement for what you believe the role of the police should be
The North West Mounted Police, now the RCMP. Established in 1873.

The presence of American fur traders who sold whiskey to First Nations trappers worried the government.
The whiskey trade was illegal but there was no police force to enforce it
Worried about the loss of territory to Americans, and policing the whiskey trade, the government created the NWMP in 1873

The NWMP acted as a police force and a paramilitary organization
Enforcing law and establishing a Canadian presence in the region
The Cypress Hills Massacre
June, 1873. A group of Nakoda camping in Cypress Hills was attached by a party of American "wolfers." More than 20 Nakoda were killed.

Led to outrage in eastern Canada, saw it as a threat to Canadian sovereignty in the West
Government sent 275 NWMP

Many First Nations hoped the presence of the NWMP in the region would bring an end to the lawlessness
The NWMP and Treaties
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is the national police force of Canada. The RCMP is responsible for enforcing federal laws, policing some jurisdictions, providing counterterrorism security, and protecting the prime minister, the monarch, and the governor general
Heritage Minute Analysis
Partner 1 will watch the first film (Sam Steele)

Partner 2 will watch the second (Sitting Bull)

You will then share your analysis with your partner.
Canadian government wanted to gain control of land in Manitoba and North-West Territories as quickly and cheaply as possible

First Nations leaders wanted to make the best possible deal for the future of their people

During negotiations, First Nations bargained in good faith. They believed they were making an exchange: Their land for the protection and support of their people
First Nations Farming
End of the 1870s, many First Nations had been moved onto reserves and began to farm the land

The tools, supplies, animals, and instructions promised by the treaties were inadequate - if they appeared at all
It seemed as if the government wanted the farms to fail

By 1900 almost all First Nations living on prairies had abandoned farming
Do you think parts of Canada still have negative attitudes towards First Nations groups?
Shape of the Day
How did government action, specifically the number treaties and the creation of the NWMP alter life in the Prairies?
1. Understand the creation of the NWMP and its purpose
2. Understand the number treaties and their significance
3. Recognize the opposition to and the reasons for the number treaties
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