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Teaching Portfolio

My Digital Portfolio

Ruben Delgado

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Teaching Portfolio

Foundation What Drive Me? Sample Lesson Plans Feedback/Comments Classroom Management As a teacher it is my role to provide students with a classroom environment in which they feel safe. It's important to establish classroom rules and procedures on day one. Students need to understand your expectations in order for them to achieve them. I will establish an attention getter with my students depending on the grade level. It will allow me to get my students’ attention without having to raise my voice and trying to speak over them. Education: My never-ending ambition for teaching derives from the responsibility that educators have to work with parents and nourish young minds. Students need the proper foundation and tools to be equipped to survive in an ever-changing and diverse society. A society that needs a new generation of well-rounded and educated citizens. I LOVE WATCHING MINDS AT WORK!!!
The "AHA" moment is something I dream about and strive for. Ruben Delgado's Roots to Readiness
In order to understand the dynamic between students and their families, I believe that my own experience gives me the beneficial insight needed to build lasting relationships. My family is my strength and the source of my growing heart. Philosophy Pedagogy is a word used in the professional world that describes teaching. It infers that teaching is a scientific process; something that requires a system of organized knowledge and methodology to thrive. I believe wholeheartedly that teaching is indeed a science, as well as an art: a creation of beautiful and thought provoking work. Teachers have the honorable responsibility to inspire, engage, and educate young people. In order for me to accomplish such a task, I must be able to reach students on a personal level, differentiate instruction, create an environment of comfort, work hand in hand with parents, activate a plethora of knowledge, and maintain application of modern technology and resources. All that while, being organized, diligent, and data driven is how I plan as a teacher effectively see student growth. While putting my own personal staple and style into each lesson, I will create a classroom of motivated learners that will use the experience to climb and soar upward throughout the remains of their education. my roots: Family comes first!! Delgado's Ruben
Breanna diverse experience academic achievement Interests: FAMILY culture Exercise Automotive
Technology COMMUNICATION SPORTS Our roots make us who we are; unique and special. What makes us unique is our passion, background combined with our talents...all of which are incorporated in my classroom. Lesson Planning Teaching Resources Strategies and Techniques Teacher Portfolio Integrate Technology Fuel for creativity and unique instruction Performance, Informal, and Summative Assessment Computer Access
Smart Board: PowerPoint, Prezi, Smart Exchange, Web Pages, Audio/Video, Glogster
Wireless Internet
Personal Devices Students: University Supervisor: Mentor Teachers: on Education: The Hello, In this portfolio, I hope you will find everything you want to know about my philosophy and views of education, my teaching style, and many aspects of the learning I have completed so far. Hopefully, in navigating this page, you will come to understand who I am as a teacher. My goal is to highlight the strengths that make me a passionate, efficient and useful addition to any teaching team.

Welcome to my digital portfolio. My name is Ruben Delgado and I am a recent graduate from The University of Texas in Arlington. I became a teacher for a very simple reason - I want to make a difference. While there are many fields in which I could accomplish this goal, I feel that education is the one in which I can have the greatest impact. Every day, children around the world are being told that they aren't good enough, or that they just "can't". As a teacher, I feel I have a positive platform from which to dispel that fallacy. I realize that teaching is a profession that can be supremely exhausting, but I know in my heart that the benefits outweigh the fatigue ten times over. Teaching requires patience, understanding, compassion, and enthusiasm - all things that I am more than willing to provide on a daily basis. I am available for HIRE and READY to TEACH. Educational Courses Math and Science Courses National Standards Research, Projects, and Documents Introduction I Commit to: Always to encourage and support the dreams and aspirations of others, learn about others, and contribute to the betterment of my school and community Provide an environment where children and families from different cultural backgrounds feel welcomed and accepted. I believe in treating students equally.
This also implies that I will treat students differently according to their needs. As they say, “Success breeds success”, so I will give my students every opportunity to succeed on their own terms. A good education lesson plans requires sufficient preparation. Each lesson requires a specified lesson plan for it to be relevant and effective. I believe in order for a lesson plan to be effective it must include the following:
Ensure students' needs are met,
Objectives are aligned with the TEKS and National Standards,
Include hands on related activities to increase student engagement,
Have high expectations for all students,
Differentiate instruction for ALL students regardless of skill level or background. 5E Model
Lesson Planning NO OPT OUT EXIT TICKET SHORTEST PATH COLD CALL CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING STRETCH IT Hands on Activities Small Group Individual Work and Reflection Real World Experiments Ruben Delgado
1311 Galloway Ave.
Dallas, Texas 75216

Email: ruben_delgado@sbcglobal.net
Cell: (469) 358-3362 Contact Information: Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio 5E Lesson Plan Mid-Level Template Fundamental 5 Lesson Plan Smart, Smarter, Smartest
Questions Standard 1: Young Adolescent Development
Middle level teacher candidates understand the major concepts, principles, theories, and research related to young adolescent development, and they provide opportunities that support student development and learning.

Standard 2: Middle Level Philosophy and School Organization
Middle level teacher candidates understand the major concepts, principles, theories, and research underlying the philosophical foundations of developmentally responsive middle level programs and schools, and they work successfully within these organizational components.

Standard 3: Knowledge of Content
Middle level teacher candidates understand the major concepts,
principles, theories, standards, and research related to middle level
curriculum and assessment, and they use this knowledge in their practice.

Standard 4: Mid-Level Teaching Fields
Middle level teacher candidates understand and use the central concepts, tools of
inquiry, standards, and structures of content in their chosen teaching fields, and they
create meaningful learning experiences that develop all young adolescents’
competence in subject matter and skills. Standard 5: Middle Level Instruction and Assessment
Middle level teacher candidates understand and use the major concepts, principles, theories, and research related to effective instruction and assessment, and they employ a variety of strategies for a developmentally appropriate climate to meet the varying abilities and learning styles of all young adolescents.

Standard 6: Family and Community Involvement
Middle level teacher candidates understand the major concepts, principles, theories, and research related to working collaboratively with family and community members, and they use that knowledge to maximize the learning of all young adolescents.

Standard 7: Middle Level Professional Roles
Middle level teacher candidates understand the complexity of teaching young adolescents, and they engage in practices and behaviors that develop their competence as professionals. The links below are different activities and projects I've completed at The University of Texas at Arlington during my time in the Mid-Level Education Program. It includes: http://rubendelgado.wikispaces.com/home Provide goal oriented lessons.
If a lesson does not have a specific objective, what am I trying to teach? Never
Learning Culturally Relevant Teaching-AVID Workshop
Inquiry Based Learning-AVID Workshop
Understanding ELL students
Differentiating Instruction
Discipline Strategies
Teaching Mid-Level Math
Population Connection
SIOP Training (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol) Seminars and Workshops Presentations at Research Conferences Does Class Size Matters?
Suitcase Of Strategies
Interactive Math for DUMMIES Course Description Grade
EDML 4300 Adolescent Growth A
EDML 4350 Middle School Cur B
EDML 4370 Social Studies & Div B
EDML 4371 Science in Mid-Level A
EDML 4372 Math In Mid-Level A
BEEP 4384 Lit/Methods ESL Bilingual A
LIST 4343 Content Area Read/Writing A
LIST 4378 Mid-Level Teach Read/Writing A

GPA in Educational Courses= 3.75 Course Description Grade
MATH 1330 Arithmetical Problem A
MATH 1308 Elem Statistical C
MATH 1302 College Algebra A
MATH 1331 Geometry Inferences A
MATH 1332 Function, Data, & App B
MATH 4350 Pre-Calculus Mid-Level C
MATH 4351 Calculus Mid-Level B
SCIE 3301 Physical Science A
SCIE 3302 Physical Science A
SCIE 3303 Geology B
SCIE 3304 Astronomy A
SCIE 3305 Environmental Science A
SCIE 4101 Special Topics Science B

GPA in Content Area Courses= 3.387 You are just super with students-there is an obvious high regard-mutual respect.
Your lessons are well planned
Super JOB- I really want to praise you for incorporating high order questions.

Diane Galloway 4/11/2013 The students show a lot of respect for you and eager to see what they can learn from you.

Mrs. Martinez 7th Grade Math Good student rapport and maintained an appropriate learning environment. No discipline issue.
Ms. Bustillos
5th Grade Science Student Teaching Video Lesson Plans

Research related to young adolescents learning

Projects related to young adolescents development Mid-Level Educator Automotive
Electrical Drafting
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