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Water And Energy Conservation At Queens

Dr. Rhodes' environmental core class 2nd round of proposals

Melissa Gargagliano

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Water And Energy Conservation At Queens

Education, Awareness, &Action
Eco-Friendly Tips
Water & Electricity Conservation
Low-Flow Showerheads use 0.5-2.5 gpm
Standard Showerheads use 5.0 gpm A 10 Minute Shower translates into Standard Showerhead:
12,600 gallons of water used personally at Queens What if....
You cut 3 minutes off of your 10 minute shower? Low-Flow Showerhead:
6,300 gallons personally used
which also saves 6,300 gallons of water! Standard Showerhead:
9,702 Gallons (saves 2,898 gallons!) Low-Flow showerhead & cut down shower time by 3 minutes= only 4,410 GALLONS! 7 x 36=
Showers PER Person in an Academic School Year Water & Electricity Conservation at Queens
The Problem?

Queens used-
26,437,651 Gallons of Water!

April 2009-
March 2010:
Main Campus Elecric Bill

= $427,412

6,681,600 kwh
-Mini fridges are responsible for over 50% of the electricity use for most dorm
rooms, if you don't need it, unplug it.
CAMPUS WARS! What else? Costs?
Low-Flow showerheads= $8-$50
Low-Flow Faucets= $5- $10
Replacing all faucets in West Dormitory would cost between $180-$360.
A fun and competitive event that provides an opportunity to:
Raise Awareness
& Encourage Lifestyle Changes! Implement New Campus Policies Be Accountable or Addressing the Energy & Climate Crises our Planet is Facing Our Solutions: 9 Months
36 Weeks
-The average dorm room, with everything turned off, but PLUGGED IN, uses 25 kw
all the time. Unplug surge protectors. -Sleep mode in computers still uses energy, unplug it. -A cell phone charger plugged in uses 1 watt of energy indefinitely, whereas
actually charging the phone uses 4 watts. UNPLUG IT. -Turn off lights when not in use, even for short periods of time. -Replace lightbulbs with compact fluorescents. CFLs use 1/3 of the energy of regular
light bulbs. What is Campus Wars? What about Tuition? Christy Majors in the finance dept. said: If we lowered water & electricity bills, then tuition would not decrease, but remain stable (as opposed to rising every year). With the money saved: it would go to the next project in line or students could possibly choose wehre it goes
Promotion & Participation Activities Campus-Wide Lights Out Camp Out Navy Shower Week Film Screenings! Speakers Air Dry Week Un-Plug Week Themed Weeks.
Such as: Updates! Advertise
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