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The ecosystem on chimpanzee

the life of a chimpanzee

miranda dunn

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of The ecosystem on chimpanzee

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli c what chimpanzees eat What predators the
chimp has. The chimpanzee doesn't have too many predators to worry about in the wild but they do have a few like leapords, large snakes,
other apes, baboon, and the biggest threat is humans. Where the chimpanzee lives The chimpanzee lives in the rainforest.
It is very hunid there because of all the rainfall. The rainforest is a very hot and wet biome.The rainforest gets about 250cm of rain per year. What animals the chimpanzee lives with. The chimpanzee lives with birds, jaguars,
howler monkey, sloth, other apes, Many species of the rainforest are endangered so help save trees for the wildlife. Credits Thinkgate.com chimpanzee Are one of the closest
relatives to us humans
sharing 98 percent of our ganetic blueprint. chimpanzees walk an all fours knuckle walking. Chimpanzees ecosystem!!! Chimpanzees are omnoviors.
They mostly eat fruit In long
dry seasons. when fruit is scarsethey eat treeseeds,flowers,
and bark become an impartant
part of the chimpanzees diet. Chimpworlds.com www.blueplanetbiomes.com The flora in the rainforest. There are about3,000 species of flora in the rainforest such as:Butress Root, stilt/prop root, orchids, bengal bamboo, and coconut trees caltack.edu Thank you
hope yall liked it i worked very hard : ) youtube.com
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