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Kyle Domen

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Recycle

It All Starts With
YOU Saves Natural Resources Saves Money Conserves Energy Recycle reduce, reuse, recycle Please Recycle Reduces Pollution During times when the economy is bad, people need to save money even more. Every penny counts! More Recycling = More Money...simple as that If people recycle, the more money they would get

Recycling centers pay for your recyclables! Take your items to a local center

Recycling programs cost less than incineration programs and waste collection

Some cities creates pay-as-you-throw programs which means the city charges you for how much waste you collect in your garbage bin for an incentive to recycle. Recycling will help reduce the amount you would have to pay to the city.

Big cities and companies have recycling programs and works well...shouldn't every city do it too? Bright Reasons to Save Energy If people recycle more, the less need of energy for machinery at landfills

1 aluminum can = 3 hours of television

1 glass bottle = power a lightbulb for 4 hours

Making products from recycled materials more save energy than to make it from the original source

Recycling aluminum saves 5% less energy than creating an aluminum can from bauxite, the ore used to make aluminum cans

Recycling is a fast and easy way to help the environment. Dedicate a few minutes a day to separate trash and recyclables into the proper bins The more people recycle, the more natural resources we save

1 ton of paper recycled = 17 trees saved (1)

Recycling has a big impact on the environment. Look at Stanford University for example...

Stanford University recycled for 1 year = 33,913 trees saved
(1) Only YOU decide whether or not you want to contribute to recycling and help the planet Every year, landfills are growing at a steady rate

The Pacific Ocean is actually the biggest dump in the world

20% of the trash in the ocean comes from YOU

Recycling is too much work? It is actually very easy! Just change some of your habits to help the planet

If the national recycling rate was 30%, that reduces the greenhouse gases as much as removing about 25,000,000 cars off the road Recycling would reduce the amount of energy we would use
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