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Free Tibet Movement

No description

Ashley Holdsworth

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Free Tibet Movement

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli HISTORY Fourteenth Dalai Lama 1959: Exile 1949
Chinese invade Tibet nine self-immolation protests in the last week
69 known since 2009 1933 1940 1935 Birth of
Lhamo Thondup Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso, His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai lama, spiritual leader of tibet and its people. Free Tibet Campaign
Located in LondoN
formed in 1987
stands for the right of Tibetans
to determine their own future and for the future of their own country. Tibetan Independence Movement
started within Tibet in 1957 and continues today
Chinese crackdown on dissent led to 10 monks that formed the movement being jailed Tibetan Youth Congress
Located at Dharamsala, the seat of the Government of Tibet in Exile in India
claims 30,000 members. International Tibetan Aid Organization
Located in Amsterdam
formed in 2004 to provide a European counterpart to the International Tibetan Independence Movement. International Tibet Support Network
Located in London
established in 2000
umbrella organization for Tibet
related organization worldwide. death of
dalai lama 1950 tibetan delegation forced to sign Seven-Ponit Agreement for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet 50,000 PLA soldiers marched toward Lhasa
His Holiness given full temporal power
delegations sent to g.b., u.s.a., and Nepal requesting help
all were sent away 1951 1954 - 1955 Dalai lama visited China for peace talks with mao to avoid full military takeover and end brutality 1959 tibetan people's uprising and the escape of the dalai lama 80,000 tibetans immediately followed the dalai lama to india where the tibetan government was set up and still remains 1999 Mao's Cultural Revolution:

religious activity prohibited
monasteries dismantled
tibetans executed in an attempt to destroy tibetan culture 1987:
Five point peace plan
Addressed Parliament stressing necessity of discussion
Tiananmen Square and
Declaration of martial law in tibet
Prohibition of religious freedom continued unrest 2008 Olympics Tibet again brought to international attention Celebrities Richard Geer paris hilton keanu reeves goldie hawn Russell brand sharon stone steven segal beastie boys radiohead red hot chili peppers bjork bono gorillaz Movement FREE tibet movement International Tibet Independence Movement
Located in Indiana
formed in 1995 as an official organization and focus for various international activities. More information politics india u.s policy houses world's largest Tibetan community

protect trade
protect Tibetans reflects global stance unofficial: supports tibet OFFICIAL: PART OF CHINA U.S. covertly funded and armed Tibetan forces during cold war rallies concerts fundraisers sale of goods 2008 - Free Tibet submitted evidence to
the UN Committee Against Torture in Geneva
detailing the deteriorating record of abuse inside Tibet.

the UN Committee concluded that torture in Tibet is 'widespread and routine' Movement goals:

global awareness

political activism
abolition of torture
freedom of religion
the release of political prisoners
some seek tibet independence www.freetibet.org www.studentsforafreetibet.org www.dalailama.com no longer calling for independence of tibet

campaigning for a peaceful resolution to the issue
of the status of Tibet, that Tibet should not become independent, but that it should be given meaningful autonomy within the People's Republic of China.

This approach is known as the "Middle Way" 84 awards
Nobel Peace Prize "just a
monk with only a little experience in politics" dalai lama "That's why, you see, these sorts of sad incidents happen, due to the desperateness of the situation" - Dalai Lama on Self-immolation
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