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Purdue Polytechnic

Summer orientation for admitted students and families.

Thomas Oneal

on 12 October 2018

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Transcript of Purdue Polytechnic

Your Day - Have to Do:
Academic 'Extras'
Work Experience
Study Abroad
Companies are looking for international experience
Can be for a week, month, semester, year
Don't have to know the language
Who Can Know What??
Professional Experience - Required
Service Learning
Summer Job
Career Fairs
Companies are looking for leadership experience
More than 800 student organizations
Department, student and professional
Show progression - member, chair, president?
State-of-the-practice laboratories supported by industry
Classrooms equipped with the latest technology
Learning through application mode
Faculty are experts in
their fields.
Great Placement Data.
Strengths of the Polytechnic
Keys To
SOLELY the responsibility of the student
Satisfying graduation requirements
Keep up to date - don't fall behind
Ask for help when you need it, not 3 weeks later
Do ALL assignments - and turn them in on time
Time Management
Pay attention to deadlines
Keep track of assignments
Make use of instructor office hours
Know class policies
Are you sick?
Read the syllabus
Go to Class
At Purdue
Be aware of "linked" classes
(many major courses)
(ECON 21000 - Economics)
Hybrid: on-line lecture/in-class recitation
(TECH 12000 or Psychology)
FERPA - Family Educational Rights
and Privacy Act
Final grades are available only online.
"Authorized User" for electronic billing only.
Advisors can't tell parents specifics about their students, but can explain policies and procedures
You will Pre-Register for courses and receive a Registration PIN (6-digits) from your advisor:
Registration Process
Use Scheduling Assistant on Registration Tab of MyPurdue to register for classes
M=Mon, T=Tues, W=Wed, R=Thurs, F=Fri S=Sat, U=Sun
CRN = Course Reference Number (5-digits)
A Purdue "hour" is 50 minutes
A Purdue "power hour" is 75 minutes
Don't drop classes that have been pre-registered for you - LC, Purdue Promise
"LOCK" pre-registered classes in Scheduling Assistant
You have a Time Ticket - the time frame during which you can Pre-Register
Your Time Ticket will expire at 11:59 p.m. tonight
You will Pre-Register today in HEAV/KNOY/NISW/YONG - see Folder Label
After today, you can register anywhere in the world (as long as your Time Ticket is open)
After today, Final Schedule posted July 20 in myPurdue
Consult Advisor before you change your schedule
Locating your Registration PIN: Registration Tab=>Registration PIN=>Term
Locating your Time Ticket: Registration Tab=> Registration Status=> Term
AP credit, dual credit, transfer credit, advanced credit
After Today - check list for home
IDI Assessment - Group
Academic Advising - see your folder label
Placement/Credit Exams
HONR Session
Pick Up Photo ID
Academic Success Center (ASC)
Center for Career Opportunities (CCO)
Cordova Rec Sports Center (RSC)
IT@P - Information Technology at Purdue
Online Writing Lab (OWL)
Resource Rooms: math, chemistry, physics
Student Health Center (PUSH)
Campus Services
Class of 2022
Welcome from the College Advisors
Let's Get to Know You!!
Family Day
Saturday, November 3
Purdue vs. Iowa
Welcome from the Dean's Office
Dr. Gary Bertoline
Dean, Purdue Polytechnic
Study Hours
Every 1 hour of lecture
= 2 hours of study
Every 1 hour of lab
= 1 hour of study
4 Years to Graduate
3.00 Grade Point Avg.
2 hours of study per credit hour
1 student organization
Dismissal to Student:
Interculture Development Inventory (IDI)
Knoy Hall of Technology
Attend the College of Technology Session - HERE
Meet with an advisor to plan fall classes
Register for fall classes - 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. PHYS 116
PUID photo taken - 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. PMU 130
Techie Freebie
i want to go with my friend
i'm going to follow my student
i don't think that's important
Student Only Checklist
Dismissal to Family Interest Sessions
Advisors & Parents can point you in the right direction
Dr. Cox

IN weather is bad, i'm going to the A/C
Placement Information:
Why you're doing this!
TECH 12000 Lecture - TBA
15 Credit Hours
Typical schedule of a first-year student...
Now let's add time to study...
Everybody needs to eat...
TECH 12000 Lecture - TBA
Believe it or not, you also need to sleep.
TECH 12000 Lecture - TBA
Toni Munguia
TECH 12000 Lecture - TBA
prezi.com: search Purdue Polytechnic
Senior Associate Dean for Globalization
Director of Recruitment, Retention, & Diversity
Family & Guest
PPI Presentation
Lunch in FORD
Information Fair
Meet Up with Student
The Purdue Transition
Interest Sessions
Taking Care of Business
Q&A Family Panel
Interest Sessions
Information Fair
Taking Care of Business
Lunch in FORD
Meet up with Family
Where did we park?
Student & Guest Options
When do I do this?
Today for Fall 2018 courses
October for Spring 2019/Summer 2019 courses
March for Fall 2019 courses
Dr. Connolly
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
SAAT students Only
11:30am-12:30pm - Lunch at FORD Dining Court
12:45pm - students board van at FORD for Airport
Individual student advising Appointments - NISW
3:00pm - van return students to WALC for Info Fair
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