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Into the Wild Book Presentation

English 9

Stella van der Neut

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Into the Wild Book Presentation

Into the Wild By Jon Krakauer Death Other Facts Opinion In August 1992, Chris McCandless died, due to starvation and an injury. His body was discovered 19 days later by a group of deer hunters. -To symbolize his complete severance from society... Traveling Chris met new, diverse people and encounters during his traveling, which lasted from 1990 until 1992. He hitchhiked and stayed with several people, whom he influenced greatly. One man even went as far as to wanting to adopt Chris. Theme Chris left society because he believed it to be corrupt. Family Chris's parents were Walt and Billie McCandless. He was very close to his sister, Carine. Walt was still legally married to his first wife during the time of Chris and Carine's birth. This caused Chris to become furious with Walt and he claimed that his "entire childhood felt like fiction." Setting Alaska
Western Coast of U.S Genre Biography
Wayfaring Life Summary Bright, Athletic, and
Recent College Graduate... Main Character Chris McCandless -Donates his education money (nearly $25,000) to Oxfam, a charity organization.

-Abandons his car and burns the cash in his wallet

-Heads out into the west to start an entirely different life 22 year old Chris McCandless... Christopher Johnson McCandless was born in El Sangundo, California on February 12, 1968. He graduated from Emory University in Alanta, Georgia in 1990. Chasing happiness "Terrifying..."
-The New York Times "Compelling and tragic..."
-San Francisco Chronicle "Sensational."
-Men's Journal I found it tragic yet very intriguing, and wish I knew more about Chris McCandless. I strongly recommend this book. Chris McCandless renamed himself "Alex Supertramp." -Wrote for the newspaper column in college.
-Was on the cross country team in high school.
-During his travels, Chris took on a series of odd jobs. This even included working at a McDonalds.
-He was very stubborn and liked to do things his way. Chris & Walt Man v.s. Wild Chris's true dream was to set off on an "Alaskan odyssey." When he reached his destination in Fairbanks on April 28th, 1992, he resided in an abandoned Fairbanks City Transit bus, #142. Today, the bus still remains on the same Stampede Trail. Billie McCandless More images
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