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6-Traits Organization

This is a presentation on the trait of organization when writing papers.

Bobbie Rocheford

on 13 April 2012

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Transcript of 6-Traits Organization

What are the things to think about when working on organization? Beginning Middle End Paragraphs Transitions How do you make your reader WANT to read your paper? 1. Use a famous quote
2. Tell an exciting part of a story
3. Refer to a recent incident
4. Make a shocking statement
5. Ask an interesting question "...forbid that I should go to a heaven in which there are no horses."
-Theodore Roosevelt Clip, clop, I was cantering along with my best friend, Blue. Suddenly, Blue reared up and screamed a shrill neigh! I was thrown from his back and was left lying unconsious on the ground. At the last Olympics, the U.S. basketb all team won a gold medal. So did the U.S. horse-jumping team. Mr. Ed, the talking equine star of the 1960s television series, was a golden palomino. He learned an enormous amount of tricks for his role, including answering a telephone, opening doors, writing notes with a pencil, and unplugging a light. Did you know that Arabian horses have one less rib, one less lumbar bone, and one or two fewer tail vertebrae than other horses? 1. Refer back to your famous quote
2. Finish the exciting part of your story
3. Tell your hopes for a future incident
4. Make another shocking statement about the
same subject
5. Refer to the question you asked in the
beginning. How do you leave your reader with your paper on their minds? "...forbid that I should go to a heaven in which there are no horses." I think what Theodore Roosevelt was trying to say was that horses are one of nature's truly graceful and beautiful creations. He may have been saying that he would never want to imagine life where there were no horses, and neither do I. When I awoke from being thrown from old Blue, a truly heart-warming sight met my eyes. There was Blue, paitienly waiting for me. His muzzle was just inches from my face, and his loving eyes were saying, "Don't worry, I'm here to keep you safe."

Horses are truly amazing and loyal creatures. This is exactly why I will always have a horse in my life. Just as the horse-jumping team received gold at the last Olympics, I hope future teams have such success. I realize that equine sports don't always make ESPN Sports coverage. However the more success equine competetors have, the more front-page news these beautiful and graceful animals will make. Apparently, Mr. Ed would occasionally have a fit of temper, as befitting his star status, and would stand stock still, wheezing and refusing to move. I guess even horses can become divas when given the opportunity.

Even with this small tarnish on the reputation, I still believe that horses are nature's most beautiful and graceful creatures. I could have a beautiful and super fast Arabian, or I could have a small, friendly Shetland Pony. No matter the breed, horses are graceful and beautiful. I will always be amazed by the horse. How do structure your middle so it makes sense? 1. Every time you change ideas, change paragraphs.
2. Choose three to five topics you want to cover.
3. Use your five senses to relate informatin in a description.
4. Use facts to relate information in a research report.
5. Use a combination of facts and opinions in a persuasive. Paragraphs show that you are starting to talk about something new.
They also make your paper look really cool. Why are paragraphs so important? What are transitions? Transitions are sentences that show you are about to talk about something new.
They can start with words like next, finally, then, and however.
This is a skill you will master in highschool but should be aware of now. 6-Traits Organization
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