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RaNDoMoSITy Special: A Tribute to SK Star Productions: The best episodes

The very best of seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4. A Tribute to SK Star Productions!

Flipnoteproductions !

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of RaNDoMoSITy Special: A Tribute to SK Star Productions: The best episodes

RaNDoMoSITy Special: A Tribute to SK Star Productions The Very Best episodes We all know SK Star productions as the guy who
created the award-winning series, Randomosity.
Well, now the show has been handed over to Flipnoteproductions. So, figuring, that FP has
the privlage of making this incredible series,
he decided to give a tribute to the guy
who started it all, SK Star Productions!
Season 1 The Best episodes: The Goat, Season 1 episode 2 "Once apon a time, there lived a goat. But nobody knew
that goat would become a famous....life saving....world hunger stopping.... and farting.... BANJO PLAYER" The Arlene Story: season 1 episode 1 "Arlene, Let me in!
not after you ate my Sun!
My Sun Chips!" Season 2 First, I would like to say I am sorry I missed my deadline, so I am doing
an Early release NOW. Enjoy! 4:00 On a Tuesday Afternoon, episode 1 It was Four. When I noticed My window was broken
and my Jewelry was gone. So I bought LifeHurts, a little necklace thing that calls happy people to cheer you up. OK. This episode is a parody on LifeAlert.
Sorry, you have an outstanding product, Lifealert. Arlene's Revenge, Episode 3 I know! I will DESTROY the Door! R R BAM! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!
Wait! Arlene! Don't throw cold water on me!
AAAAHHHH! There's some Hot water for you, You Jerk! Season 3: 4:00On a Tuesday Afternoon, Episode 3 Why is your Grampa so Stupid, Dude?

He's been eating some breakfast cereal for, like, 10 Years.
DELIRO'S! Makes you so Stupid! No offense to Cheero's. Season 3, Continued Bank Of America, Episode 2 Bank of America has nothing to do with the real Bank. *=Customer Talking *I have kept my money here for two years. Don't I get... Interest? Nah. You get A BOA Keychain. *I could put my $$$ somewhere else. They don't give you a keychain, do they? 4:00 On a tuesday afternoon, Episode 4 Introducing... Xpox Connect!
Get a tangled assorted bundle
of Pakistan Cables fr just $149.99! Microsoft, We love Kinect and the Xbox. Season 4 Bank Of America, Episode 2 OK. We know you have been losing $$$ from your account,
so we have, um, Joe who will talk to you.

Underpaid Narrator: Don then crosses a name off a long list
and then changes his voice to sound different, because there are only
6 employes at the Bank, and thay make it sound like they have many, many, more. How Can I help You? Bank Of America, Episode 3 Can I make a deposit?
Um, Excuse Me?

Now you must pay the fee.
What Fee?
The "I don't feel like letting you
make a deposit fee."

Stupid... Little...
Now Get of the Phone! I am reading the Comics!
International Spies, episode 2 Tie him up. Since there is no rope,
use this cord.

Boom Boom che de boom boo-
What on earth are you doing?
Wrap Music!
*Sigh.* Thank you for Watching Thanks to SK Star Productions and Flipnoteproductions For working on Randomosity Flipnoteproductions does all seasons.
Execpt for Season One. RaNDoMoSITy
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