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Service Learning- How do I fit in?

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bridget knight

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Service Learning- How do I fit in?

Where Do You fit In? Service-Learning Service-Learning vs. Volunteerism Service-Learning: A method of teaching that enriches learning by engaging students in meaningful service to their schools and communities and integrating that service with established curricula or learning objectives.

Volunteerism: Refers to the act of performing some service or good work without pay-usually with charitable institutions or community agencies. Three Types of Service
Requires students to lend their voices and talents to help eliminate the specific problems (Ex. S.A.D.D.)
Direct Service
Activities that require students to establish personal contact with people in need (Ex. Serving at a soup kitchen)
Indirect Service
Activities that commonly take place at the school site, channeling resources to the area of need rather than working directly with those in need of service. Students build character and become active participants as they work with others in their school and community.
Provides the opportunity to build skills, such as:
Project-specific skills
Team building Why do Service learning in your Classroom?
Improves school spirit .
College resume builder.
Improves grades and test scores.
Increases student motivation. Benefits for the School www.learningtogive.com
www.FamilyResourceGuide.info Resources Dog Toys for West Michigan Humane Society Service-Learning Example Bridget Knight
AmeriCorps VISTA
The League Michigan
Email: bknight@hwmuw.org
Phone: 1(616)742-2385 ext. 385 Contact Information
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