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zmithz zenithz

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of TAIWAN TRIP

ALISHAN TAOYUAN AIRPORT XIMEN TING Back HOME TAIWAN TRIP ACSP#14 Room 2 Taoyuan Airport 2062 Bus towards to Banqiao Station 1 hour 30 mins 18 MAY SAT SUN MOON LAKE 20 MAY MON SHIDA DIN TAI FUNG DAY Banqiao Station 265 , 234 , 705 Bus towards to Home 30 mins Banqiao Station Taoyuan Airport Banqiao Station TAIPEI MAIN STATION Taipei to Alishan Alishan Taipei DAY 19 MAY SUN Watch the Sunrise Take the train and enjoy the view Ropeway Cable Car Take a boat tour around the lake “Stairway to Heaven” There are 366 steps symbolizing the 366 days in a year DAY LONGSHAN TEMPLE Alishan to Sun Moon Lake YONGKANG STREET XINGTIAN TEMPLE TAIPEI GUGONG National Palace Museum National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine ZHONG LIE CI YUANSHAN GRAND HOTEL SHILIN NIGHT MARKET WUFENPU MARKET BACK HOME DAY 21 MAY TUE YEHLIU GEO-PARK JIUFEN GOLD ECOLOGICAL PARK TAROKO NATIONAL PARK Shakadang Trail Tunnel of NineTurns Swallows' Grottoes Eternal Spring Shrine 24 MAY FRI DAY CHIANG KAI SHEK MEMORIAL HALL TAIPEI 101 MIRAMA 12 MAY SAT TAMSUI HUALIAN 23 MAY THU DAY DAY Back to Taipei 12 RESTAURANT 東區 DONGQU Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe MODERN TOILET RESTAURANT LUXY DAY 26 MAY SUN BANQIAO MISS U 55555555555+ DAY 22 MAY WED Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall BANQIAO STATION BYE BYE...... THX U
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