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Princess Diana

No description

jenna wise

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of Princess Diana

Diana's Fashion Designs
I think the biggest disease the world suffers from in this day and age is the disease of people feeling unloved.
- Princess Diana
Interesting Fact
In 1981, Diana and Prince Charles, heir to the throne of England, got married, making Diana Princess of Wales. Diana always had a kind heart. In 1987, Diana opened the first British hospital ward for AIDS patients. Princess Diana surprised the world when she shook the hand of an AIDS patient. People didn't know how AIDS was transmitted at the time, so many people were afraid to touch or be close to AIDS patients. This changed people's perception of the disease.
On June 25, 1997, Diana auctioned off 79 of her gowns at Christie's in New York City for charity. It was considered one of the top social events of the year. She raised 3.26 million dollars, which was split into numerous charities.
Monday, April 14 , 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Early Life
Did You Know?
Diana Spencer was not born with royal blood, however, the Spencers and their ancestors were close family friends with the royal family for more than 500 years. Diana had three siblings. Her two older sisters were named Sarah and Jane, and her younger brother was Charles. Diana lived in a mansion named Park House in Norfolk, England. Much of Diana's childhood was unhappy. Sara and Jane went to boarding school, leaving Charles and Diana alone at the house. Her parents often fought, and eventually got divorced.
Diana loved to work with children, so when she got offered to be a teacher's assistant at Yound England Kindergarten she accepted the position. The kids loved Diana and " She was great at getting down to the children's level..." said Kay Seth Smith, the owner of the school.
Diana, Princess of Wales
Diana is born
Diana's parents get divorced
Diana gets married to Prince Charles
Diana's first child, William is born
Diana visits the first British AIDS hospital
Diana and Prince Charles are officially divorced
Diana raises 3.26 million dollars from her auction dresses
Diana dies
Princess Diana

Diana shakes hands with an AIDS patient
Buckingham Palace
Clarence House
An organization that provides aid for people in need
Boarding Schools-
A school where students can live during the school term
Someone who promotes human welfare and social change to benefit others
A person who inherits or legally entitled to inherit the property or title of another
An object of devotion; an idolized person or item
Institut Alpin Videmanette-
An all girl finishing school in Switzerland where they learned cooking, dress-making and French
By Jenna Wise
Made with Prezi
Diana was tutored at a young age until she was nine. Then she went to West Health school, but she dropped out and went to an all girl boarding school around the age of 16. She did not do very well in her academics, however, she liked music and art. At 16, she took her exam to see if she could get into college, or continue at school. She failed her exam twice and had to leave school. Her family enrolled her at the Institut Alpin Videmanette in Switzerland. She disliked it so much she begged her father to come home. He agreed, and Diana stayed with her mother and stepfather.
Diana helped AIDS patients, homeless families, banning land mines, and disabled children. In the 1990's, Diana was president of 29 charities. She was also a supporter of 44 diverse charities. The public loved the image of a princess that didn't just flaunt her designer clothes. They loved the compassionate, dedicated, and loving Diana.
Diana lived in the Clarence House with Prince Charles and their children, but everyone in the royal family has an "apartment", or section in the Buckingham Palace.
Map of Buckingham
Palace, and Clarence
House, London
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Princess Diana Timeline
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