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Creativity and Innovation Hybrid Project

Two Hybirds: 1) Sectional Mattress 2) Fielding Machine

Steven McCann

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Creativity and Innovation Hybrid Project

Two Hybrids go Mattress Solo Throwlo What is it derived from? Hybrid of a sectional couch and a mattress Similar Patents What market does it serve? Benefits Similar Patents Eliminates the need for a second person
Improves hand-eye coordination
Easy to use
Helps you become a better player through game-like situations
Improve accuracy with pitches
Only one person and one ball needed Target Markets:
Highly competitive baseball and softball club teams
Minor league and Major league teams
Ages 8 to 18
United States, east Asia, the Caribbean, Venezuela, and Central America $1500.00 - $2000.00
Save money on balls and defensive coaches
Net can be sold separately for replacement if torn Promotional Ideas
Professional players promoting and using it
Use social media to expand customer base
Ideal Retailers Dick’s Sporting Goods
Baseball Express
The Sports Authority Promotional Ideas
Ideal Retailers Benefits
What market does it serve? Fits in every car
Easily transported through narrow passaged in house
Extendable to a bigger mattress (or can be transformed into a couch)
Can be carried in pieces by people with a weak physical condition
Replaceable parts (e.g. in case of damage or spilling wine on mattress)
Easy to set-up and take apart
frequent movers
people with small cars
15 year money-back guarantee
Use social media to expand customer base Mattress Giant
Mattress Sleep Center’s
Lack’s Furniture Center
Bed Bath and Beyond Similar idea
Mattress was broken into over 8 pieces
Used belts and string to connect them
Unable to upgrade in size

Twin: $250
Queen: $400
Queen upgrade: $170
King: $600
King upgrade: $220
Twin King upgrade: $370
Feasibility Easily implemented with current technology
Simple as can be
Feasibility Description Hybrid of a pitching machine and a catching net
Throw the ball into the net
Machine throws it back at you to mimic a baseball hit
Can adjust speed and net size
Target and net detach for easy storage No similar patents found Includes two common pieces of equipment used by baseball players and combines into one
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