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Feedback (Prototype)

Design Thinking | Testing my prototypes

Marianna Ferraz

on 18 August 2013

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Transcript of Feedback (Prototype)

"Children are practices. If you don’t like what you do just look for something better;"
Leave your current work
Start searching for something you like
Start a new job
Are you unhappy?
Back to top
Easy, uh?
What inspires you?
Look for options in your area
Choose your graduate course
Think about what each option would bring in the future
Are you happy?
Go ahead!
Do what you REALLY like
Easy, uh?
"Look for graduate studies in the area that is most interesting to you"
Problem Statement
STAKEHOLDER - Young worker who is very dissatisfied with the area which works, even having attended a college in the same area
NEED - needs a way to start a new career in something he like while there's still time to change
INSIGHT - because then he'll have a better quality of life and feel good about himself and what he do.
How would a 5-year-old child solve the problem?
What are the most obvious solutions for this problem?
Testing the prototypes | Feedback
What worked
Functional, you'll be doing what feels right;
Liberator, don't hold you to the problem;
Practical, can be done anytime.
What could be improved
It's a risky. Do some research first to ensure is better;
Analyze the job market very carefully;
Do nothing you might regret later, think about it.
Update your curriculum and portfolio before.

What if I take a long time to find out where I really fit in?
Will it be easy to look for a new job?
I'll have to support myself alone until there.

Search for jobs in classifieds and on the internet before leaving work;
Take a course to increase the chances of getting a new job;
Save money to keep smoothly until you get stability.

Testing the prototypes | Feedback
What worked
The work became more interesting because now some functions have changed;
Greatly improved his skills;
Now he have new goals and wants to grow professionally.
What could be improved
High cost. Need to use extra money;
Need for free time seeing that he is still working;
Long Term Results. Patience and dedication are required to complete the course.

"Will I be able to work and study at the same time?"
"What if that is not enough?"
"And what if I don't have the money to invest in this learning?"

Aside time for each task. Set a time for study and time off to rest.;
Try new options. Do not give up on achieving your goals;
Try to spread the total value of the course to ease the situation.
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