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Izzy and Grace's Planet Juno

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 7 June 2016

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Transcript of Izzy and Grace's Planet Juno

Days, Months and Seasons
The duration of days are longer than Earth days because of how fast Juno Rotates. Earth has 24 hours per day because it rotates at approximately 1609 km per hour. However Juno rotates at approximately 700 kms per hour making a normal Juno day 27 hours long.

With the average travel speed of Juno being 72,340 kms per day and considering Juno has to travel 124,513,8600 km to make a complete orbit around the Sun its estimated that it will take Juno

days to orbit around the Sun. This impacts Juno 's seasons because of how many days are in each season.

season in one year on the planet Juno. In one
there's 17,212 days with 14 months and one month is equal to 1229 days and 1 season is equal to 2 months and 2 months are equal to 2458 days.
The Climate on Juno
The following 7 seasons are what makes the climate, there's a summer consisting of crazy hot temperatures varying from 51ºc to 64ºc. A semi summer consisting of a range from 42ºc to 48ºc. We also have a Autumn and a semi Autumn where temperatures range between 22ºc to 31ºc. A Spring with temperatures ranging between 24ºc to 14ºc Spring doesn't have an extra season because of the rotation of the planet. The last 2 seasons are Winter and semi Winter where the temperatures reach as low as -16ºc.
The Planet
The Atmosphere
The Solar System
The Distance Between Planets
As a result of Juno's tilt towards Jupiter, Juno's distance from Jupiter is 327,498,600 kms away, whilst Saturn's total distance away from Juno is 327,501, 400 kms.
Distance from the Sun and impact
Considering how close Juno is to Jupiter and how far away Jupiter is from the Sun we can determine how far away Juno is from the Sun, by simply adding how far away Jupiter is from Juno and how far away Jupiter is from the Sun. In conclusion Juno's total distance from the Sun is 7.393 astronautical units.

This impacts the climate and temperature of Juno
Because the average temperature of Juno ranges between -64ºc to 1ºc if not for the dense atmosphere that surrounds the planet Juno wouldn't be a livable planet, because of the temperature that the atmosphere holds ( 54ºc ) the atmosphere temperature affects the planet's temperature, so the average temperature of Juno is 31ºc
Welcome to the Planet Juno
Geographical Information
By Izzy and Grace D
What the Planet Juno is made from?
Juno is positioned between Saturn and Jupiter, considering the distance between Jupiter and Saturn is 655million kms apart, Juno's diameter is 144,682 kms wide.Juno tilts towards Jupiter because of the sun's gravitational pull making Juno tilted on its axis.

This impacts Juno because Jupiter casts a shadow on Juno making at all times half the planet dark.
Juno is constructed mainly of Sodium, Lithium,Cesium,Magnesium and traces of Barium. These elements create the surface of the planet whilst the atmosphere is made from Oxygen,Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen, because of these elements the planet Juno can sustain life-or at least once had the ability to sustain life.
Thank-you For Visiting
The Elements that Help to Sustain Life
Sodium is one of the elements vital to researchers, because you can only get salt from water! and since there is sodium maybe, not today but there once would of been water. The atmosphere has traces of all breathable gases like oxygen, hydrogen and Nitrogen there's a small amount of carbon dioxide but because of it's small presence it benefits the planet in numerous ways.
Gravity impact on Juno
Due to Juno's gravitational pull from the Sun, Juno has a substantial amount of gravity making walking very difficult.
Inquiry Question
How far away is Juno from the Sun and how it impacts Juno?
How does the Climate affect Juno?
How does the Seasons, Months and Days influence Juno?
How does the speed of rotation impact Juno?
How does the atmosphere impact Juno?
How does the element make Juno liveable?
water on the planet Juno
Although researchers have not found water on the planet Juno and they can't determine whether it will ever contain water, Researchers can safely assume that Juno once did contain water because of the immense amount of salt that helps construct the planet. It's true there once was a great amount of water on the planet but due to water evaporation there is little water but massive amounts of salt.
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