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A Presentation on NO Sweat

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Adam Johnston

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of A Presentation on NO Sweat

By Rubi Garyfalakis
A Presentation on

The use of Sweat shops is a difficult and complex issue to address
The essay's main point
Sweat shops exploit their workers young and old through:

Under compensation

Unsafe working conditions

Sweat shops cons.
Most sweatshop workers labor 48 hours a week (sometimes more) but yet cannot afford to satisfy their basic survival needs

N0 Sweat
Rubi Garyfalakis essay is primarily intended to:

Inform and Educate

About the pros and cons of sweat shops.
Workers (especially children) are subjugated to preform work in extremely dangerous circumstances.
Sweatshops violate globally recognized basic human and labor rights
This information would convince anyone that Sweatshops are morally wrong.
Sweatshops have actually shown to be beneficial to the countries they are in and their workers over time.
Sweatshops benefit developing and impoverished countries by expanding exports which intern improve the economy.

As the economy grows more jobs are created, the labor market tightens, and companies are forced to improve working conditions to attract more workers.
Women especially benefit from sweatshops.

Earning a salary gave women independence.

They could now afford to:
Live in their own rooms,
Choose when and who to marry
When to have children, if any
Go to school

A consumers options for fighting sweatshops are extremely limited.
Sweatshop pros
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