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Hurricane Analysis

A short presentation presenting the song 'Hurricane', and the social issues it sets forth

Hjalte Wallin

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Hurricane Analysis

Hurricane Analysis
Why can this happen?
Modern society has grown suspicious of black people
Stereo types play a large role
All the horror stories
Exists from both sides
Fear of the different
What can we do about this?
Accept. We need to accept that other people can be different
Im different; you're different; we need to understand; not fear
It's part of our brain to fear the unknown. Get to know you 'fear'
After Bob Dylans visit, a concert raised $100,000 for Carter
In 1976, Carter got a new trial
He was reconvicted of the three murders
The case was overturned and he was freed
How did he write the song?
'Hurricane' was arrested
Bob Dylan visited him in prison
After 8 years in prison, Bob Dylan was sent a copy of Carter's auto biography
Bob Dylan went to the prison to show his respect
Bob Dylan felt moved and wanted change
Why is that stupid and uninformed?
Stereo types are the devil off spring off human psychology
Horror stories are made from bad experiences, which then gets blown up through media.
Even if a white guy stole your bike, you'll still assume it was a black guy, because the media told you
People believe everything their TV tells them
Our brains are wired to be afraid of the different
1996: A triple murder is commited in a bar
Everybody accuses Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter
The report said it was 'racially motivated'
Both evidence and witnesses were very questionable at best

The background
Carter's second trial
http://www.graphicwitness.com/carter/song.html (Interesting countet-proof)
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