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A Day In The Life of A Medieval Cook

Tasia Wells

Kathy Burns

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of A Day In The Life of A Medieval Cook

My work attire?
I usually have to wear clean clothes, an apron, with my hair pulled up out of my face. The usual color is purple, and the material is wool.
Modern cooks?
Cooks from the Middle Ages are quite similar to the cooking that is done today. The love & passion for food & cooking always remains within the cooks providing people with savory, delectable meals every time.
This job has changed in many ways, because there are more choices of foods, more recipes, and more modern ways of cooking (ovens, stoves, utensils, etc.)
A more modern job market of mine would be a chef for the President & the First Family.
What is my social ranking?
What are my daily tasks & knowledge?
The tasks I perform are: preparing meals, cleaning the kitchen, and pleasing the royals and their guests with the food they receive.
The only knowledge I must have for my job is knowing the royal family's favorite recipes by heart and making the meal perfectly.
Tools of my trade?
Cauldron (iron pot)
Open wood fire stove
Spike (or spit-long thin metal bar)
Ovens (if in large house or castle)
Wooden spoons
Heavy table (work surface & cutting blocks)
Dishes, plates, platters, pans
Soteltes(sweets, jellies, & pastries)
Where do I live & work?
I work in the royal's kitchen.
I could live in the castle of which I work OR I could live in a tiny village outside of my work place.
A Day In The Life of A Medieval Cook
My salary?
The King pays me enough to purchase and maintain a home.
My social ranking is the Feudal Class.
Working conditions & situations?
My working conditions are: a messy/dirty kitchen at times, wide fireplace, and stone floors.
The situations I encounter as cook is losing my workers (and sometimes myself) from the Black Death (the plague), talking to the royals when the they and their guests are unsatisfied with their meals.
How do people View Me?
I am a valued member of society by the people of the city, because I make the food that they eat.
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